New from Eureka Miniatures

I just saw these figures and the info on their release date on TMP:

Seal Team 6

US troops in MOPP gear

 Both are perfect for Zombie games! :-D

Full info here: TMP


Lord Siwoc said...

The last ones are pretty great!

Good find

shintokamikaze said...

great stuff,as you know i was waiting for the US gas mask guys to come out,they look cool,you could paint them as swat or army

Vampifan said...

Good find! They both have their uses in ATZ.

The Extraordinarii said...

Nic gave me a set of the seal Team 6 squad tonight, beautiful sculpts, but I think they are 25mm much like there Vietnam range, awesome nun the less....(like my slang)

Zombie Ad said...

They are all superb! Good find!

Shelldrake said...

Extraordinarii - they look too nice to pass up and they are SEAL Team 6 :-P

As long as I don't place the figures next to my RAFM ones it shouldn't be too much of a problem height wise.

I already have some ideas in mind for how to use them, but I think I would pay for someone to paint them for me... for some reason I can't paint camo uniforms to save my life.