My City needs a name

I need a good name for the main city where I am basing my zombie campaign.

 I have a few ideas, but not sure if they are any good.

So, I have started a poll for the blog (see the top right column of this blog) with where you can vote for the few names I have so far, or vote for 'other' and post your other suggestion in the comments to this post.


Lord Siwoc said...

Brimstone has a nice ring to it!

Zombie Ad said...

Malediction has got my vote. :)

shintokamikaze said...

the town of(without)pity,sounds good

Unknown said...

I dunno, I'm thinking something deliciously ironic more along the lines of Amityville, Paradise, New Haven, etc.

I was intruiged by something I read about Berliners in '45 who referred to Berlin as 'Schicksalstadt', city of fate. Bit of a mouthful, though.

Drew said...

I too cast my vote with on the 'ironically witty' side.
Names like: 'Sunnyvale', 'Pleasant Meadows', 'Summerglen', 'Vista Verde', etc.

Shelldrake said...

Drew - I like it, and it appeals to my sense of humor too.

Are you sure you don't name the housing estates popping up all around my area at all?

We have "Eden Brook", "The Grove" or things like "Lakeside" - the part that makes me laugh is that there are no lakes or groves to give these places their names.

My personal favorite is "Villawood" housing estate. This one cracks me up, as VIllawood is where they place illegal immigrants in NSW before shipping them home.

Mik said...

I'm in the same boat as Drew and Unknown, I think a 'happy' name would be a nice contrast to the dark times that have befallen. The names you have for options are good ones, but they sounds a little 'wild west' too.

When I saw the poll my first thought was 'Sunnyview', then I saw some sunny variants in the comments section, so something along those lines?

By the way, just found your blog via Brummie, consider me signed on.

Shelldrake said...

Mik - thanks for the suggestions and welcome aboard. The more I think of it, the funnier a 'sunny' type name will be.