Warm Acre figures

I just noticed that Warm Acre have free postage world wide until the 2nd of Jan.

 Typically I found out at the end of the promo, so I jumped on the web site and found a nice pack of civilian criminal types - including one carrying a baseball bat, which is high on my list for survivor figures.

 The figure with the baseball bat is the one I want the most, but the others will be good for zombie fodder general low ranked survivors.

At 6GPB for a pack of six figures with free postage, these were too good to miss.

 I know Brummie has at least one of the Warm Acre figures, and it looks pretty good, so I am looking forward to the pack of figures I ordered.

If you want to take advantage of the free postage before the 2nd of Jan then visit the Warm Acre site

PBB turn 16 - sans results

As per a comment I posted in the comments section of PBB turn 15 this morning, does anyone have any objections of me playing out the remaining turns with every one making it to the pick up for a getaway?

 It might turn out a bit like a scene from Platoon, but I am ok with that :-P

Merry Zombie Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone - I hope you all have a good one and Santa gives you many zombies things to game with.

PBB Turn 15

Blink moves forward, the taste of fresh tic tak in his mouth, and opens up on the zombies closing in on Karen. Two zombies are hit, with one of them redecorating the zombies behind it with it's brains.

Clutching the dead chicken to her, Karen moves away from the zombies firing a pistol as she goes. Two zombies go down after some accurate firing destroys their heads.

[I tend to lean towards only humans are eaten by zombies, but went with a dice roll, and it seems the thrashing of the remaining chicken is worth the zombies having a look]

Jack puts the truck into gear and gains speed as he plows into the small hoard coming on to the road. He squashes three of them and Niki cuts a fourth in half with her sword as they do the drive by. Even though this forth one has lost its legs it seems to still be 'alive'.

[the rules for using vehicles in "No More Room In Hell" really really suck - a fist with brass knuckles stands a better chance of killing a zombie that a vehicle at speed does! So I threw their idea out of the window and modified it to suit. After all, I didn't want the hard work of all of those crash test dummies to be in vain.]

Lucky fires at the zombies that present the best target, but the moving pick up truck hinders his aim.

Leila makes it outside and moves in on the truck. She gets a sinking feeling in her stomach as she sees Jack start up the truck and accelerate into a small hoard of zombies down the road, leaving Leila stranded in the middle of the road. There really was some shotting going on after all.


Sandi moves to the wall and opens up with his Thompson SMG and puts two of the horrors down.

Dan follows the pick up down the road, but halts as he realizes that to move any closer would put himself within range of the zombies claws. Bringing up his pistol he soon makes short work out of one of the zombies.

Have they been left behind?

Some of the zombies slow to investigate the headless chicken while others just move towards the sound of gun fire.


 The zombies near Sandi move up to his position but Sandi is protected from their attacks by the wall.

Seven more zombies appear at different places.

PBB turn 14

Blink remains in the open exchanging banter with Karen while waiting for something to happen, but unsure as to exactly what 'something happening' actually is.

[If this was not the intention please let me know and I might throw in a 'gimme']

Blink and Karen might be concerned here...

Sandi takes up position on the front door to the apartment, covering the those at the pick up truck .

Leila heads up stairs to do some searching, but passes Sandi who is on the way down. This causes her to hesitate half way up the stairs, unsure if she should continue up or join Sandi at the door.

[As I mentioned in the comments, the orders for Leila didn't match Sandi's, so I went half way with them instead]

Jack fires a burst at the zombies coming up behind Blink. Despite the range he manages to hit two of them, but only takes divots out of their flesh. Not waiting to see the accuracy of this shots he gets into the driver's seat of the pick up.

Karen shoots the chickens in the head, but misses the vital brain stem. Technically the chickens are dead, but they flap around a lot. She is able to pick one of the chickens up, but the other one flaps around too much.

 [I made dice rolls for this, giving a slim chance the shot would not be clean. The dice must have have a sense of humor, as it made the chickens flap around. A second set of dice rolls to catch the chickens only bagged one of them. The saying "Running around like a chicken with it's head cuts off" is actually a reality :-P ]

Robert moves past the front of the pick up to take position to better help Blink and Karen should they need some firepower.

Lucky hoists himself in to the back of the pick up and very calmly takes down two of the closest zombies.
 [Really good dice rolls here]

Niki gets in to the pick up, riding "shot gun" next to Jack.

Getting out of this one should be interesting.

The zombies really start to close in on the survivors and form hoards. Ten more zombies appear - five near the billboard, and five near the ice cream van.

PBB - turn 13

Niki shakes the fog from her head as she stands up and makes her way to the pick up.

Lucky and Robert just make it to the pick up truck and hurls the chubby boy scout into the back. They stand next to the truck observing the zombies.

[as the movement and the action of putting the kid in the back used up all of their actions for this turn.]

Taking aim at the zombies nearing Jack at the farm house Karen drops the leading the pack.

[I went for the zombies that Karen had the clearest shot to].

Jack turns and bolts for the pick up. Clearing the stone wall he pulls up at the front of the truck.

Seeing Niki has recovered Leila follows Sandi into the house. Leila searches the first room and only finds the remains of the dead zombies. Sandi heads upstairs, clearing the corridor to make sure there are not hostiles lurking there. He notices there are three doors he could enter to find a good firing point... it just depends on what direction he wants the firing point to face.

Blink pops another tic tac and moves a bit forward, blissfully happy that no zombies are in range at the moment.

Mr X herds the survivors in the pick up truck into better positions so as to allow more people to get into the pick up.

The zombies react to the only gun shots fired this turn and those closest move towards the chicken coop. The zombies near the billboard continue down the road towards the pick up.

 Six more zombies appear near the ice cream truck.

 More than one survivor is beginning to feel nervous with the zombies closing in with a pincer shamble.

PBB Turn 12 Part 2

Again my apologies for the delay

 Goman Nasai!

Niki moves to the second door and opens it, and recoils in horror.

 Inside the first room of the second apartment are numerous severed zombie heads suspended from the roof. If this wasn't enough, the heads are still animated - their teeth nashing at the potential of a bite to eat.

 Niki faints.

Leila fires two shots into the zombies in the room, killing one of them.

Sandi opens up on the remaining zombies, the heavy slugs of the Thompson SMG tearing large holes into the mass and three of the zombies drop.

The last two zombies in the room bear down on the two survivors in the room. One claws at Sandi but misses. Sandi wastes no time in clubbing the zombie's head in with the butt of this trusty SMG.

 Leila tussles with the remaining zombie who finally manages to bite down on something. Unfortunately for the zombie it is the barrel of Leila's pistol. Pulling the trigger, Leila vaporises the unfortunate creature's head, clearing the room of all hostile occupants.

The zombies around the area close in even further on their human meal tickets and are joined by another ten zombies - four near the ice cream van, and six near the drainage pipe.

I had some bad dice rolls for Niki, with the charts indicating she fainted due to the shock of what is in the room (which is a random encounter, not my own idea).  As such Niki must rally before completing orders for the next turn, but give the orders and I will act on them if the rally test is passed.

Leila and Sandy are now in the house and the first ground floor room as shown on the map on the previous PPB Turn 12 post.


Tadamia (a Japanese word meaning "I am back", or "I am home").

 I will get back to the game on Monday and complete the orders submitted and post a the turn results sometime on Monday (AEST).

I thank all the players for their patience and hope they will pick up the game again.

PBB - turn 12 moves

Sandi opens the door, but before he can rush up the stairs, or Leila and Niki can enter the house to search, their path is blocked by six zombies.

 (I will give you the chance to react to this - you can either attack them, or move away from the house to put some distance between them and the survivors.  I rolled a lot of high dice here :-\   )

Slightly less dodgy house plan

Getting into the chicken pen, Karen fires off her shots, but her accuracy is greatly reduced because of the fast movement she made to get into the pen. Despite this, one zombie drops, it's head exploding under the impact of the bullet.
 Blink stops where he is to take aim, but is out of range of any zombies.

 Lucky, Robert and the boy scout bolt down the road, putting some distance between them and the zombies.

Jack moves forward and sprays the zombies nearest him. The SMG rises as he fires his burst and although he hits three zombies, only one drops.

Mr X. does a three point turn and changes the direction of the pick up.

Note - this turn is incomplete as I need reactions for Sandi, Leila and Niki who were interrupted by the appearance of six zombies. Once I have those reactions I need to then move the zombies and roll for spawning zombies.
 Again if the orders can get in by early Wednesday AEST I can complete the turn before leaving for my trip.

PPB - Turn 11 moves

OK - The delay for this one is my bad - I thought I needed another set of orders submitted, but I was wrong.

 So, without any further ado:

Sandi jumps the fence and covers the distance to the closest door, and quickly tests the handle to discover it is unlocked.

  (With all the actions taken there wasn't enough movement left to enter the house).

Leila and Niki follow Sandi into the yard of the house, weapons at the ready.

Jack covers a lot of distance and jumps the wall to the second yard. The zombies he sights are just out of range of his SMG.

Karen bolts towards the chickens, with Blink close behind.

(Not enough movement in the turn to be able to get there to pick up the chickens as per the orders).

Robert hoists himself up on to the ice cream truck and drags the boy scout down. A bit of a whiff in the air suggests that the kid was in fact full of chocolate.

(The act of getting the kid off the truck reduced your orders down a lot - I gave you a small movement at the end, but not enough that you could fire your shots).

Lucky fires a burst at the closest zombies - two are struck, but with one shot being low, only one zombie is taken out.

"Braaaaaiiiiiiins" moan the zombies and they shamble ever closer to a free feed.

The shots from the Ice Cream truck area divert the path of the zombies - with no other loud noises to react to they move towards the sounds.

 More zombies appear, this time to the area closest to the chickens:

Note: If every one can get their moves in before 0900 AEST on Wednesday I can post another set of results. If not, the results will have to wait until the end of the month when I get back from Japan.

'Viper' Plesskin

I finished off one of my Hasslefree Miniatures survivors today.

 This survivor is "Viper" Plesskin - most people thought he was dead.

 Next to him is the car I purchased a few months back with the intention of it being his car - a Viper for Viper.

 Viper and the car will be part of a scenario I am planning involving Viper going to retrieve his car from where it is kept in a self storage place.

Shocked and Stunned!

The U.K. zombie gamers have been making posts on their blogs about the cool vehicles they can get at Tescos.

 Needless to say, I was completely green with envy because I can't buy them here in Australia.

 After posting a comment about Brummie's really cool truck and fork lift on his blog (seen here) and a few messages over at the Board of the Living Lead, Brummie was kind enough to buy one for me and send it across the other side of the world. Luckily he accepted pay pal, otherwise I would have been scratching my noggin trying to find a way to pay him.

 The parcel arrived yesterday, and in my hurry to thank him before I had to head out for the afternoon/evening I didn't take the truck out to play with it.

 I should have.

There was something inside the truck.

A complete surprise.

One that left me totally speechless.

For inside the truck was the survivor figure with the crossbow that Brummie had painted up after doing a bit of conversion work on it. You can read his blog post showing the figure here.

The photos do not do the figure justice - the painting is far better than the photographs show. This is one cooooooool figure.

 One thing that really makes me speechless at the amazing generosity Brummie has shown is that over the last few years I had become a little jaded at man kind in general.

 Last year I had my life savings stolen from my bank account through credit card fraud. For about 5 months leading up to Christmas I had next to no money.
 My bank paid back the money on the day before Christmas. A bit too late for a decent Christmas, but at least I was able to knock something together.

 On top of that, while I was away 'playing' with 81mm mortars this year, some mongrel stole a brand new brush cutter and a chainsaw from the garage. I just hope the scum bag either cuts a leg off or overdoses on drugs depending on if they stole them for their own use, or sold them for drug money.

 A few toe rags can really put a different slant on how people are viewed.

 But every now and then one person does a single act of kindness that makes you marvel at how kind people can be.

 I hope I can repay this kindness in like. At the very least I would love to buy Brummie a beer or ten.

 Thank you very much Brummie - the are a gentleman and a top bloke. You get my "Shelldrake's Thumbs Up Smiley" award, and, as I said in a 'pm', the best way to convey my thanks is to do it in Japanese, as a simple 'thank you' isn't enough.

 So, domo arigato gozaimasu Brummie-san!

PBB - Turn 10 Moves

Karen fires at the two zombies she can see from her position in the building, the shots amplified by the confines of the burnt out building. One zombie goes down, its head exploding, the other staggering from the impact, but otherwise ok.

 Blink fires at the remaining zombie near by; with a suppressed 'pffft' sound two bullets strike the zombie in the head making sure it wont harm anyone anymore.

As soon as the survivors, Leila and Niki get into the pick up truck Jack drives towards the intersection and gets out again.

Karen and Blink follow on foot, forming a rear guard action.

Robert yells to the boy scout, urging him to climb down from the ice cream van. The boy scout starts to cry as he is either too scared to climb down by himself or unable to climb down.

(I have left Robert where he is due to the lack of action by the boy scout. I am happy to move Robert towards the farm if you want Dan ).

Following Robert down the road, Lucky fires a burst at the latest zombies, hitting three of them. Firing on the move put his aim off and only one zombie goes down.

Sandy moves forward to the corner of the furthest rock wall and watches down the road for any more appearing zombies. From his position he watches the second big group of zombies move behind the farm house out of sight as they shamble towards the burnt out house.

The pack of zombies nearest the ice cream van turn milky white eyes towards Robert and Lucky and move towards them.

 The gun fire attracts more zombies to the area - the most so far. Three zombies appear near the ice cream truck and seven on the opposite end of the road down past the bill board.

 I moved Sandy without any orders, but based them on previous orders given... i.e. the intention to move towards the cabin of the truck with the intention of getting in.

The dice rolls for Luck's shots were worthy of an professional sniper.. unfortunately the rolls to kill them didn't match them.

Rogue Miniatures archer figure

Rogue Miniatures now have the figure carrying the bow up on their web site for those that want to buy one.

Including postage this is costing me just over $7AUD - worth every cent in my opinion.

Those wanting their own can get one here:

Rogue Miniatures

EDIT - Just in case some people are wondering, I have only just ordered this mini and it is on its way to me in Australia. Thus I didn't paint the mini in the photo. That is a link to the photo from the Rogue Miniatures shop photo.

PBB - Turn 9 moves

Blink again takes down two zombies with amazing accuracy .

Jack runs around to the other side of the pick up and gets in. Driving to the burnt out building he resists the temptation to turn the lights and siren on.

Karen continues to aim at the two remaining zombies, ready to open fire if needed.

Leila fires at the zombies, hitting one of them, but the jerky movement of its limbs save it from a head shot at the last second.

Niki helps the two (formally) trapped survivors down to the ground level and they dash for the pick up. Turning back to the window Niki appraises the situation outside.

Over by the big rig, Sandy takes a knee to give him better stability when aiming, and to make himself a smaller target for the zombies to notice.

Robert takes a shot at the closest zombie to him, but in his haste to get away he misses the shot.

Preparing himself for the worst, Lucky fires a controlled short burst into the zombies, taking two of them down. With only one zombie remaining Lucky has the guts to take it one rather than fleeing in fear.

The zombie closes in on Lucky, its teeth nashing and biting at him, and in a desperate struggle Lucky manages to keep his rifle between himself and the zombie. With his SWAT training kicking in, Lucky side steps the zombie and smashes its head in with the butt of his rifle in a loud cracking sound. The zombie falls to the road, all reanimated life extinguished from it.

Closer to the farm, six zombies appear, drawn to the area by the sound of gun fire.

Lucky was very lucky with the dice rolls - I felt for sure his 'last stand' would be just that - a last stand.

 I am very interested to see how the game will play out in the next few turns.