Shocked and Stunned!

The U.K. zombie gamers have been making posts on their blogs about the cool vehicles they can get at Tescos.

 Needless to say, I was completely green with envy because I can't buy them here in Australia.

 After posting a comment about Brummie's really cool truck and fork lift on his blog (seen here) and a few messages over at the Board of the Living Lead, Brummie was kind enough to buy one for me and send it across the other side of the world. Luckily he accepted pay pal, otherwise I would have been scratching my noggin trying to find a way to pay him.

 The parcel arrived yesterday, and in my hurry to thank him before I had to head out for the afternoon/evening I didn't take the truck out to play with it.

 I should have.

There was something inside the truck.

A complete surprise.

One that left me totally speechless.

For inside the truck was the survivor figure with the crossbow that Brummie had painted up after doing a bit of conversion work on it. You can read his blog post showing the figure here.

The photos do not do the figure justice - the painting is far better than the photographs show. This is one cooooooool figure.

 One thing that really makes me speechless at the amazing generosity Brummie has shown is that over the last few years I had become a little jaded at man kind in general.

 Last year I had my life savings stolen from my bank account through credit card fraud. For about 5 months leading up to Christmas I had next to no money.
 My bank paid back the money on the day before Christmas. A bit too late for a decent Christmas, but at least I was able to knock something together.

 On top of that, while I was away 'playing' with 81mm mortars this year, some mongrel stole a brand new brush cutter and a chainsaw from the garage. I just hope the scum bag either cuts a leg off or overdoses on drugs depending on if they stole them for their own use, or sold them for drug money.

 A few toe rags can really put a different slant on how people are viewed.

 But every now and then one person does a single act of kindness that makes you marvel at how kind people can be.

 I hope I can repay this kindness in like. At the very least I would love to buy Brummie a beer or ten.

 Thank you very much Brummie - the are a gentleman and a top bloke. You get my "Shelldrake's Thumbs Up Smiley" award, and, as I said in a 'pm', the best way to convey my thanks is to do it in Japanese, as a simple 'thank you' isn't enough.

 So, domo arigato gozaimasu Brummie-san!


Lord Siwoc said...

This warms the heart of a coldhearted old gamer......

Brilliant Brummie!

Vampifan said...

As someone else who has experienced at first hand the kindness of bloggers I am thrilled to read of your own good fortune. Kudos and much repect to Brummie. Stories like this just make my day.

shintokamikaze said...

nice one brummie, you are a true gent

Dan said...

Brummie sounds like an excellent guy. It is really good to see this in our hobby.

Brummie said...

Your welcome and to a good home he has gone :oD

jp said...

It made me feel good to read this. I echo what everyone else has said. You both sound like dead on blokes.
Glad to be acquainted.

The Extraordinarii said...

Awww ! Good on ya brumms, what an awesome thing to do, Shelldrake sorry to hear about all your misfortune mate, but unfortunately we live in a world were some monsters masquarade as people, again I say, this is a really cool zombie community we have developed here guys well done.