lack of posting and slow review - an apology

Sorry for a lack of post lately and the delay in reviewing the Skirmish outbreak rules folks.

The last month or so has been nuts - I had to catch up for last time from July and August due to a cancer operation - all good on that front now - I was lucky, if you can call getting any type of cancer lucky.

My head as healed now, but I have another cold weather warning system to add to my body - when ever it is cold now it feels like pins are being stuck in to my head where the operation was.

With that out of the way I was catching up on my normal day time job, which being part of the plant nursery industry really goes nuts in Spring time.

On top of that I have also been busy with my second job, and I will be away for just over a week starting this coming weekend, and won't have access to a phone or the internet during that time.

The good news is I have been reading the Skirmish Outbreak rules, and they are fairly easy to pick up and make a lot of sense... but I will post proper reviews once I get back.

Until then, please enjoy this zombie image:

The image was 'borrowed' from this web site, which is zombie related, and worth a look over: zombie guide