Next PBB?

I am toying with the idea of running another Play By Blog game, only I want to do something different this time, and then revisit the survivors from the last game again.

 I am tempted to run something on my other blog - maybe a dungeon crawl, or a horror skirmish (strange aeons).

Or if people still want to play a zombie game, I could do a mix and play a dungeon crawl against a necromancer that uses zombies as his minions.

 Again the game will only be open to followers of this blog.

What do people think?

Do you want another PBB?  What type of game do you want to play (as in setting)?

Any suggestions for a PBB setting?

PBB - End game

My apologies for the delay in finishing the game - life and other projects got in the way.

anyway, here is how I played the game out:

Robert takes aim an fires at the zombies near by, taking the closets too him down.

Lucky adopts a stabilized position in the back of the pick up, takes aim and hits two zombies, the first shot killing the intended target, the second shot is only a wound.

Karen turns and moves to the corner of the farm house, and fires into the remaining zombies between the survivors and the pick up.

 The last two zombies go down, clearing the road of the shambling undead.

Blink moves next to Karen for mutual protection.

Sandi moves to the far side of the yard he is in, keeping the wall between him and the zombies.

 Leila moves down the road to where Robert is standing.

The zombies move ever closer as seven more appear near the ice cream truck and the billboard end of the road.

Sandi leaps over the wall and bolts down the road to the pick up, with Robert and Leila close behind.

Karen and Blink sprint down the road and make it to the rear of the pick up.

 “come on” yells Jack. “Lets get out of here!”

The zombies moan almost as if annoyed that their dinner is getting away as they shamble in an effort to feed on those tasty braiiiiins.

With a reduction in gun fire only three additional zombies appear, this time near the river.

With many helping hands the survivors on the road climb and or are dragged into the back, people piling on top of each other.

“Go! Go! Go!” the yell as one.

 Not waiting a second, Jack ‘floors’ the pick up and they make their escape.

 This ends the PBB game.

*                  *                  *
 From my point of view I enjoyed the game, but holidays and the Christmas period kind of killed the momentum and flow of the game.

 If any of the players feel like posting comments on the game please do so.

Was it too long?

Did you like the way the orders and rules were submitted and played out?

Did you want more control over your survivor? Like creating your survivor and choosing which figure to use?

Would you play another game?

Is there anything else you would like to bring up about the game?

If there is enough interest in this game (and other type of settings) I will be happy to 'ref' the game, maybe even a small group of one or two players.

Anyway, I hope every one enjoyed the game, both players and readers of the game.


I forgot to mention. There were many things on the playing area that survivors could have interacted with to gain victory points (not that I ended up listing what VPs the players gained :-P  )

The newspapers near the dumpster - anyone reading them would have learnt more about what had caused the zombies.

The big truck... so glad you didn't open the back. It was full of zombies going to a research lab... which an inspection of the truck cabin would have turned up a shipping invoice.

Food could have been collected from the ice cream van.

Investigation of the toxic waste flow would have been awarded a VP for insight as to what was happening.

 The gas bottle in the walled farm yard (the one near the ice cream van) could have been used as a bomb.

I had great fun when the chickens were overlooked in the heat of the moment as a food source.

And just one not related to VPs - I was surprised no one asked for molotov cocktails as their extra special item. Even not knowing the rules, the AAR I posted should have been a good hint as to how affective they are ;-)