Rogue Miniatures archer figure

Rogue Miniatures now have the figure carrying the bow up on their web site for those that want to buy one.

Including postage this is costing me just over $7AUD - worth every cent in my opinion.

Those wanting their own can get one here:

Rogue Miniatures

EDIT - Just in case some people are wondering, I have only just ordered this mini and it is on its way to me in Australia. Thus I didn't paint the mini in the photo. That is a link to the photo from the Rogue Miniatures shop photo.

PBB - Turn 9 moves

Blink again takes down two zombies with amazing accuracy .

Jack runs around to the other side of the pick up and gets in. Driving to the burnt out building he resists the temptation to turn the lights and siren on.

Karen continues to aim at the two remaining zombies, ready to open fire if needed.

Leila fires at the zombies, hitting one of them, but the jerky movement of its limbs save it from a head shot at the last second.

Niki helps the two (formally) trapped survivors down to the ground level and they dash for the pick up. Turning back to the window Niki appraises the situation outside.

Over by the big rig, Sandy takes a knee to give him better stability when aiming, and to make himself a smaller target for the zombies to notice.

Robert takes a shot at the closest zombie to him, but in his haste to get away he misses the shot.

Preparing himself for the worst, Lucky fires a controlled short burst into the zombies, taking two of them down. With only one zombie remaining Lucky has the guts to take it one rather than fleeing in fear.

The zombie closes in on Lucky, its teeth nashing and biting at him, and in a desperate struggle Lucky manages to keep his rifle between himself and the zombie. With his SWAT training kicking in, Lucky side steps the zombie and smashes its head in with the butt of his rifle in a loud cracking sound. The zombie falls to the road, all reanimated life extinguished from it.

Closer to the farm, six zombies appear, drawn to the area by the sound of gun fire.

Lucky was very lucky with the dice rolls - I felt for sure his 'last stand' would be just that - a last stand.

 I am very interested to see how the game will play out in the next few turns.

PBB - Turn 8 moves

Leila moves to the right side of the dumpster and takes aim at the zombies. She knows that when she takes her shots that they must count, as the zombies are almost upon them.

Jack opens up on the zombies closest to him. All the rounds fired in the burst hit their targets taking two of them down, with the third striking the zombie in a non vital area.

Taking aim and firing, Blink takes down the next two closest zombies, the suppressor on his barrel adding to the stability of the bullets' flight. Blink thinks to himself that those shots deserve a tic tac as a reward, because he bought some breathing space for the group... well, that and the shots Jack made.

The group has done well so far, but they must focus as there is plenty of danger in the area still, brought home by the continued advance of the zombies.

Karen takes careful aim at the zombies, waiting for the best time to open fire.

Sandy moves to the rear of the truck. Taking aim he realises he is out of range for his SMG to take a shot, so he aims at them in preparation for making them eat lead. He is not sure, but Sandy thinks he can hear something within the truck.

Lucky runs to cover a likely area that zombies might appear almost reaching it, with Robert close behind him.

Niki helps the trapped woman down from the third floor and then climbs down after her, taking up a position near a window again.

Taking aim and firing, Blink takes down the next two closest zombies, the suppressor on his barrel adding to the stability of the bullets' flight. Blink thinks to himself that those shots deserve a tic tac as a reward, because he bought some breathing space for the group... well, that and the shots Jack made.

The group has done well so far, but they must focus as there is plenty of danger in the area still, brought home by the continued advance of the zombies.

The Boy Scout (or Bot - which ever you prefer) starts to scream his lungs out as five zombies appear near Lucky and Robert!

 Being partially ready Lucky fires a full burst into the appearing zombies but panics and misses. Robert, with a cooler mind doesn't hesitate and delivers head shots to the two closest zombies in front of them.

I had some good dice rolls for the survivors this turn, including a reaction test to the zombies appearing in front of Lucky and Robert. The rolls I made for Lucky indicated he wouldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat, but the rolls for Robert were worthy of an assassin.

Note - these new zombies are just out of range of the zombie lunge thanks to the front two being shot. This means Lucky and Robert can move with out the zombies lunging at them... unless they want to stay there and shoot at them.

PBB - Turn 7 moves

Niki climbs to the top floor of the burnt out house with the assistance of the survivor there. Once up, she takes a position near a window frame where a commanding view can be gained.

Blink fires a burst towards the approaching zombies and takes two of them down with aimed shots.

From the house comes the loud roar of heavy calibre pistols as Karen fires at more of the zombies. "Crap!" she curses as she misses with all of her shots.

 Leila moves towards Blink, keeping the dumpster between herself and what ever is approaching on the other side.

The Bot Scout nods to Sandy, who moves down the road towards the big rig.

Lucky and Robert head towards the rear of the ice cream van in order to prevent zombies coming up on them from that direction.

Jack moves to the front of the pick up, takes a knee and aims his SMG at the zombies.

The zombies continue forward in a brainless shuffle, hungry only for brains.

I rolled some good dice for Blink, but every roll for Karen was a bad one... fortunately I passed the checks for ammunition and she doesn't need to reload.

Lucky and Robert will need at least one more turn to reach the spawn point, and another turn to attempt to destroy it.

I deemed the zombies on the far side would move towards the sound of gun fire rather than towards Sandy, and another four zombies appeared from the same area. That was lucky, as a potential 15 zombies could have appeared for this turn.

PBB - turn 6 moves

Leila dashes from the house and moves towards Karen to offer any assistance needed. Jack also bolts from the house and heads towards the pick up truck so he can drop off the chainsaw.

Blink moves to the side of the dumpster and steadies his SMG and takes aim at the approaching zombies.

Karen tells the hapless survivors in the house to remain calm and be quiet and then melts into the shadows of the building herself.

Niki uses her rope and climbs with ease to the first level of the burnt out house. The kid on the first floor stares with open mouth with the sword she carries.

Mr X. sees Jack with the chainsaw and jumps down and takes it from him and puts it in the back of the truck for safety.

You can just make out Karen and Niki in the house.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the farm Lucky and Robert move to provide support to Sandy, who shouts his thanks over his shoulder.
"Hey, Kid!" says Sandy, "Can you get down".

The Boy Scout whimpers and cries "Don't make me climb down, I'm full of chocolate"

"Hey, Kid!"

 "Braaaaaains" moan the zombies and they get closer to the survivors.

Blink steadies himself and takes aim

another view of the zombies.. note the rear door.

Over near the bill board and truck four move zombies make their way in to the area

The last photo gives a better idea of the range to the zombies from Blink. They wont make it there next turn, but are getting very close.  Blink wasn't actually given the order to fire his SMG, but he will get a bonus for next turn if he fires due to aiming.

 Remember that you can ask questions about what you see before giving orders such as ranges,which I would give as an 'estimation' such as 'close', 'short' or 'long' for example.

PBB - turn 5 move

Entering the last room in the farm house Jack and Leila find a fully fueled chainsaw in what appears to be a bit of a store room. The chain saw looks sharp too...

Getting the all clear from Jack and Leila, Robert moves to the rear of the farm house where he can keep an eye out in case he is needed as back up and begins to pack fresh veg into his back pack.

Taking cover near the chickens, Lucky scans the area for zombies, but no more seem to appear near that area.

Sandi makes a bolt for the boy scout trapped on the ice cream van before any zombies can get their hands on a soft serve ice cream.

Karen waits for Blink and Niki to come to her assistance with the trapped survivors, while Blink and Niki meet at the corner of the farm house and head towards Karen.

Mr X grabs the bag of cans and dashes for the safety of the pick up. Climbing up he checks on the movement of the zombies.

 "Oh give me a break!" he curses. The zombies approaching in a shambling gate are joined by even more zombies!

I don't know what it is with my dice, but the zombies sure like turning up near the sludge pipe!

As mentioned in the previous post's comments I turned off the need for me to approve comments in order for the players to coordinate their moves and speed up the game. One follower is deciding it is fun to post comments as if he was one of the players. If it continues I will be going back to moderating the comments.

PBB - Turn 4 move

Leila follows Jack deeper in to the house looking for more items to scavenge. Entering the second room she gags at the putrid smell.

Jack enters the next room in the farm house and to his relief there is nothing to find in the room.

Turning sideways in the main door to the farm house Robert keeps an eye on the survivors in the burnt out house while ready to react to any calls for help from Jack and Leila.

"Lucky" ventures forth from his position in the trees while Niki starts collecting fresh vegetables. From behind his new position behind the chicken coup Sandy notices a boy scout trapped on the top of an ice cream van on the main road.

Karen brandishes her pistols in the general direction of the two survivors in the ruined house. They don't appear to be hostile. Rather they are very scared and pleading to be rescued: "Please! Hurry! We have been up here for days! Please!!!"

. You notice there is no easy way to the first floor as the stairs have burnt down.

 Blink moves next to Karen ready to 'stitch' the survivors with suppressed lead should they turn nasty.

 Mr X. jumps down from the pick up truck to collect the bag Blink placed on the ground and in a loud tense whisper hisses to Blink that more zombies are approaching.

PBB - turn 3 move

Blink scavenges through the bin, and to his complete amazement finds some canned food in a shopping bag. And the food hasn't passed its 'use by' date! Someone obviously has been using the dumpster as a hiding place for their stash. Blink rewards himself with a celebratory tic-tac.

Leila enters the first room in the farm house and picks up the first aid kit. Whilst not useful when a zombie eats your brains, the first aid kit will be valued back at the colony.

Robert follows Leila and Jack into the farm house to provide back up.

As Jack cautiously opens the next door the overpowering stench of rotting corpses causes him to involuntarily gag. Apart from that, there is nothing else in the room.

Karen moves towards the door of the burnt out house and can see there are two survivors in the ruins - a child on the first floor, and a woman on the second floor (Note - this may be the second and third floor depending on what country you live it... in Australia we have ground floor, then 1st floor, then 2nd floor and so on).

Niki watches the back yard to the farm while Sandy moves up to cover the rear door. Niki feels much better with the retired Gunny there to back her up.

"Lucky" makes a lucky shot and takes down the approaching zombie with an well aimed shot.

Mr. X on sentry in the pick up truck spots three zombies enter the tiny village...

That concludes turn 3. "Lucky" was very lucky with the dice rolls I made. I wonder if such rolling will continue when it is needed most.

 A very fast turn around with orders this time.. only delayed by my horrible hay fever. I am actually wondering if this type of blog game would work for other settings, such as a fantasy dungeon crawl......

PBB - Turn 2 Move

Jack kicks the door with such force that it almost takes it off its hinges. Heart beat racing with fear and expectation, Jack peers into the gloom and relaxes when nothing comes out to attack him.

 Leila peers in through the window and notices a first aid kit sitting on a table in the room.

 Taking caution not to expose herself to danger Niki notices the back garden area is clear, but sees movement in the tree line behind the garden.

From the burnt out building comes the noise of people yelling "Hey! Over here! Help us!".

Blinks pops another tic tac as the tension builds.

Birds eye view of this turns movement

close up of the action at the farm house.


Dodgy drawing of inside the farm house. 1 = first aid kit. Doors only on the inside, and only the ones that can be seen.

(So far all dice rolls have been lucky for the players - hardly any zombies and a great kick to open the door included.)

PBB - Turn 1 move

Ok, the results for Turn 1 are in.

 Nothing exciting so far - just a bit of movement.

 I hope I have filled out the orders as close to what the players intended.

 Note: despite the appointment of a leader and some plan discussion not many people actually changed their orders when given the chance.

As I took control of "Mr. X." for the turn I had him get into the back of the pick up truck for a bit of elevated defense. I will probably do the same with Sandy, as it looks like Irqan may not be able to play. So both of these figures will remain at the truck in the hope the players can give them orders at a later date.

So - one week to ask questions, come up with a plan and get your new orders in.  If it helps with orders players have permission to save the photos and edit them with a line or an arrow to indicate where they want their character to move to... just include a link in the comments to where you have saved your edited move photo.