Scenario idea

While I was working today I came up with what could make for a really interesting scenario in the world of zombie apocalypse wargaming.

 The idea is kind of a gladiatorial / running man scenario where a gang of survivors has barricaded the streets of a city block.

 The barricades are built in such a way that they can not be climbed easily, and even if they were, the gang members stand on raised platforms behind the barricades.

A small barricade...

...but this is more of what I had in mind.
 Apart from a few controlled entry/exit points there is no way in or out of the city block; at least as far as the gang knows.

 These twisted survivors throw captured survivors that are not from their gang (or maybe they are, and this is a form of punishment) into the city block arena without any weapons. These captured survivors are known as 'sport'.

 Hidden within the city block arena are some useful melee weapons. The 'sport' have no idea where they are hidden, so they need to search for them if they want to increase their chance of survival.

I don't think this is what the 'sport' could expect to find,
But this could be easily found.

 The sport has a certain amount of time to prepare themselves for the 'competition' before zombies are released in to the city block.

 Depending on the excitement level of the spectators more or less zombies could be released in to the arena, and to make things interesting there could be traps around as well.

 The scenario would end when one of the following conditions are met: all zombies are destroyed, the 'sport' is eaten, or the 'sport' finds a way out of the arena that the gang didn't know about and exacts revenge upon the lot of them before clearing out to safer climes.

 I think this could make for an interesting game that would have a lot of tension in it. Plus it would give me another reason to use biker miniatures for my games.


Brummie said...

Sounds good perhaps not for the sport tho.

shintokamikaze said...

Nice, it reminds me of escape from New york, you should do this as a play by blog game some day

Shelldrake said...

@ Brummie - It depends on which side of the barricade you are on :-P

@shintokamikaze - it would be a while before I attempted this scenario as I need a lot more buildings.

Brummie said...

I thought about this reminds me of The Running Man contest with Arnie

Shelldrake said...

yep, as mentioned in the second paragraph ;-)

Redcoat893 said...

Funnily Enough i had an idea like this a few weeks ago, but instead of being trapped in there by themselves it was a "Zombie Free Zone" where its safe from zombies but not from other humans and is full of different factions fighting for control, (With Zombies Viable to break through at any second)