PBB - Turn 9 moves

Blink again takes down two zombies with amazing accuracy .

Jack runs around to the other side of the pick up and gets in. Driving to the burnt out building he resists the temptation to turn the lights and siren on.

Karen continues to aim at the two remaining zombies, ready to open fire if needed.

Leila fires at the zombies, hitting one of them, but the jerky movement of its limbs save it from a head shot at the last second.

Niki helps the two (formally) trapped survivors down to the ground level and they dash for the pick up. Turning back to the window Niki appraises the situation outside.

Over by the big rig, Sandy takes a knee to give him better stability when aiming, and to make himself a smaller target for the zombies to notice.

Robert takes a shot at the closest zombie to him, but in his haste to get away he misses the shot.

Preparing himself for the worst, Lucky fires a controlled short burst into the zombies, taking two of them down. With only one zombie remaining Lucky has the guts to take it one rather than fleeing in fear.

The zombie closes in on Lucky, its teeth nashing and biting at him, and in a desperate struggle Lucky manages to keep his rifle between himself and the zombie. With his SWAT training kicking in, Lucky side steps the zombie and smashes its head in with the butt of his rifle in a loud cracking sound. The zombie falls to the road, all reanimated life extinguished from it.

Closer to the farm, six zombies appear, drawn to the area by the sound of gun fire.

Lucky was very lucky with the dice rolls - I felt for sure his 'last stand' would be just that - a last stand.

 I am very interested to see how the game will play out in the next few turns.


Vampifan said...

Karen will fire twice with both pistols at the two zombies she can see.

shintokamikaze said...

i think we should all jump in the truck and head towards the guys at the crashed truck, or they will be over run, and we have searched this area all ready, what do you guys think??

Brummie said...

Agree with Shinto Jump in truck to help the others before they are overrun

Lord Siwoc said...

Karen and Blink is both determined to see these zombies off. So Blinks fires as well.

(The rest of you get to the others, Karen and Blink will follow suit on foot to make sure they do not surround us. If that is okay with you too Bryan?)

Dan said...

With a certain amount of shame for leaving Lucky, Robert yells back to him to see if hes ok and tell him its time to go. Then looking up at the boy scout Robert yells for him to get down.

Then hopefully with the boy scout in tow goes through the gate in the stone wall.

Vampifan said...

Karen agrees with Blink and will follow the others once the approaching zombies have been killed.

The Extraordinarii said...

Once everyone that is going to get into the truck gets in, Jack drives the truck up the street and parks it between the two houses before the junction, Jack gets out and tells the others that he is going to help Lucky, he heads towards Lucky with the SMG ready.

shintokamikaze said...

niki jumps in the truck

Ulu Elsomalien said...

Lucky yells back to Robert that he's ok but Lucky thinks he should be more cautious since he has no SWAT teammates behind him, even if Robert is a good guy, and he think it is, he fights for survival, no "serve & protect" motto and has no SWAT teamwork training. And maybe, that's the right thing to do, just stay alive and sometime run for survival, because there's no mayor anymore to give medal of honor. He then realises he must leave, because his luck won't last forever. So he'll join Robert and move towards Jack, shooting (and asking help from Rob'& Jack to do that) the 6 zombies coming from his left (if they're close enough to threaten his "fireteam").

(jump into the pickup and leave the table is the best idea now, so the stone wall will be the "junction" point at the end of this turn)

Ulu Elsomalien said...

On a related note, zombie webcomic : read this page (and previous) to understand state of mind of Lucky.


Brummie said...

Leila Jumps into the truck