Getting famous?

I was browsing sites for more zombie goodness and came across this:

As the invitation was put out to drop by I visited the site and left a comment.

Edit - I thought I might include a link for this :-P

Zombie forum

Over on LAF some folks were discussing whether or not to start up a zombie forum - so I went ahead a made one.

 If no one want to use it I will delete it, otherwise shamble on!

Board of the living lead

PBB sneak preview

While I am awaiting for one more reply in regards to the game I thought I would tease the players with a sneak preview of the playing area.

 The area is not complete yet as I have a few more things to add, but it will give you a fair idea of what you are up against sans zombies.

When the times comes to play the game I will give detailed photos of the environment as well as game objectives.

PBB - "a poke with a stick"

Yes, I am alive - sorry it has taken a while to get back to this; real life, work and other things get in the way from time to time.

Ok, the break up for players is as follows:

The Extraordinarii: Figure #9
Irqan: Figure #7
Ulu Elsomalien: #4
Dan: #3
cmnash: #1
Vampifan: #10
shintokamikaze: #12
Lord Siwoc: #13
Brummie: #2

Next Step:  

if players' could please name their survivors and nominate one special item/piece of equipment they would like to have.  This thing can not be extra firearms (what the figure carries is what they have) but can be a molotov, a first aid kit or extra ammunition.

  I am not providing a list of items/equipment that players may pick - it is up to your imagination. If it is too outrageous I wont allow it (so not tanks please gentlemen).

 As soon as I get these returns the game will begin.

PBB - round one results, and a second round of voting needed

The first round of bids are in.

 Unfortunately one player must have been on holidays (I hope this is the option rather than a personal disaster) and by the rules of the PPB they are out of the game.  I did have someone waiting in the wings to play and they will take his place.

So, to the results:

The Extraordinarii: Figure #9
Irqan: Figure #7
Ulu Elsomalien: #4 (replacement player... still need to confirm)

Everyone else chose figures that were the same.

To my utter surprise no one chose #13 as their first pick.

So, as per the first bidding post, players now need to enter into a second round.

This time please chose which figure you want to control the most and the figure you want to control the least.

#4 has been taken

#7 and #9 have been taken

Again there will be a week for players to get their votes in, but if all vote before the week ends I will post results sooner.