PBB2 After Action Review

Well, this brings and end to the second play by blog game.

 There will be another game, but not until 2013. Due to the time it takes to play I think one game a year is enough. Having said that, I am contemplating a smaller non zombie game to go on my other blog.

Who won the game? 

 Seeing as every character survived, every one won. Some might feel that it was a hollow victory though, as they didn't get to waste a lot of zombies or they are hiding upstairs, cut off from the others.

 Dan/"Robert" is the clear winner in my eyes for he played the game according to the mission briefing.

 Everyone else broke in to smaller teams to explore the neighbourhood or 'pop' some zombies. It wasn't until there were a lot of zombies appearing that a bit more of a focus on the actual mission parameters occurred.

 This did make it very entertaining though.

The turns from my point of view

 Fixing the maps so that I could move items around easily was a good move... loosing the map on my hard drive at the end was not a good move.

 It was just a pity that I didn't learn how to make the maps this way earlier on.

 At least I know what to do for the next game's map, and next time I will include objects that can be moved as well, such as chairs and sofas.

Future Games


 The next game will be played using a different set of rules.  They will be much simpler to use and rather generic in places so that they easier to play. More on that at a much later date.

Game Length

 The next game will only go for a certain number of turns. This will mean players will need to focus on the game objectives, and the game wont last for half a year.  Maybe no more than 10 turns for a game seems about right.

 Allowing for real life to get in the way of the game this would mean that a game might take more than 10 weeks to play.

*           *        *          *

I will probably think of some other points for this AAR, but this covers the basics for the moment.

Players are encouraged to add comments or suggestions about this game and others to come.

PBB Turn 17 results

I am unable to post a map for this turn as I can't find the master map that I made. I need the master map as I can move objects around the map rather create a new map each time.

The zombies rolled badly for initiative meaning every one on the ground floor was able to make it to the hatch, or next to the hatch, safely.

Therefor these players are safe from the zombies.

 Vonnie finishes her movement at the bottom of the stairs. She will need one more turn to get to the hatch, and this means risking running the gauntlet through the zombies to reach the hatch, or go back up stairs and hide away in a room until rescued.

If the zombies win the next initiative it will be very nasty... nom nom nom...

If she goes for the hatch there is a jolly good chance they zombies will grab her... nom nom nom...

Going back upstairs is the safest bet for immediate survival.