PBB2 - turn 14 results

Misty rushes from the kitchen in to the main living room and hastily raisers her SMG and fires a burst in to the zombie in the door way. Unfortunately the burst has no effect on the undead.

Karen enters the living room, takes up position and blows the head off the zombie that Misty had fired upon.

Dropping to one knee, blink steadies his SMG and fires in to the mass of zombies he sees at the door. He manages to take out the zombie next in line to enter the house.

Robert kicks and kicks and kicks at the door and with a crash the door swings open revealing something unexpected.  The cupboard is empty. Empty that is unless you count the hatch in the floor that must go down to somewhere...

Lorenzo begins to look really worried, looking from window to window to door and back to window again. Hefting his machete in his hand as if to reassure himself he keeps watch in his room to make sure no zombies break in.

Vonda manages to bust the door open, and cautiously entering she sees a dead body slumped over a desk.

 Not hearing any need for assistance from Vonda, Grom heads to the third door on the first floor and prepares to open it.

Game Notes

I rolled high for the zombie initiative, but the survivors were able to pluck the initiative away with their good dice rolls.

Things are very interesting right now... will the zombies eat brains for dinner? What is the hatch in the floor all about? Who or what has been killing the people upstairs?

 Given a few things that could happen with orders this turn, I am prepared to allow players to change orders based on what orders Dan gives Robert this turn. Assuming they give orders before Dan does that is...

PBB game 2 - turn 13 results

Turn 13 Results

The zombies shuffle ever closer around the house, and with a shattering noise their weight of numbers breaks down the front door, and a zombie moans as it enters the house.

Upstairs Vonnie tries to force open the door in front of her, but to no success.

She hears Grom muttering to himself and then the sound of automatic fire breaks the relative silence of the house.

Taking aim through the upstairs window, Grom takes down five of the undead forming in to a hoard outside the front door.

"Hey guys.. Did you miss me?", quips Blink popping a tic tac. "I am going to go upstairs and take you the deadheads from above!"

 Leaving the kitched blink enters the main room and is shocked to see the front door smashed in and a zombie in the house. Firing a hasty burst at the zombie has no effect on the zombie.

Back in the kitchen Misty says "Hi Guys, miss me?" Panting for breath she quickly starts to barricade the rear door, with Roberts help.

 Having helped Misty, Robert checks out the door closest to him and discovers it is only a toilet. Fortunately nothing nasty is in this room.

 Heading back to the upper door in the kitchen, Robert stops in front of it and contemplates the best way to break it down.

Karen silently barricades the window looking out on the road, not wanting to attract the attention of the zombies.

 She is not certain if she alerted the zombies to her presence when she calls out "Hey, guys, there's a rocket launcher and ammo on the couch in the lounge if you want it!"

Lorenzo barricades the last window on the lower floor and flinches when Karen calls out.

Even more zombies approach the house, attracted by the sound of gun fire...

Game Notes:

 The zombies won the initiative for the turn, but as they failed to notice Karen and Lorzeno through the windows I had those characters hold fire.

I halted Blink's movement and fired a burst at the zombie entering the house, as I figured this would be done given the chance.

In fact it seemed to work out better that the zombies won the initiative, as it meant Blink was able to see them entering the house and is in a better turn to give orders next turn.

Robert ran out of full actions to be able to tackle the upper most door again this turn.

And Vonnie would have opened the door with some better dice rolls on my behalf :-P

PBB2 - Turn 12 results

 Turn 12

After hearing some thumps and cries of frustration, Vonnie moves upstairs to help Grom. Noticing Misty and Blink from the upper floor window she calls out to the other survivors 'Friendly approaching!".

Hastily grabbing some items to make a barricade with, Misty darts in and out of the shed and bolts down the path as Robert opens the door for her.

 Blink runs down the side of the house and just makes it into the kitchen as Robert slams the door behind him and locks the rear door again.

Lorenzo moves to the south west room and starts to collect items to make a barricade. He is joined by Karen, who starts to look for items to use in the barricade.

 Grom kicks the door in front of him in a rage of frustration - the door flies open making a loud 'bang' that can be heard through out the house.

 Entering the room he suddenly pales - something is so wrong with the scene before him.

 There are hospital beds and some kind of scientific testing computer in the room. Two of the beds had what appear to be corpses in them. 
 The body of a man in a lab coat lies on the floor, and there is blood pooled around his head. It appears someone or something tried to eat the brains on this body.
 Grom is so repulsed by what he has seen he wants that he looses what little food was in his stomach.

The zombies to the North - North East of the house break through the fence.

The front door looks like it might not hold for another turn due to the mass of zombies pushing on it.

Game notes

 The new map meant I had the moves done in under 10 mins. This was awesome.

 Ok - I tweaked players' actions for this turn a bit, as again if the players were on hand to use knowledge given to them, then I feel sure they would have done some things slightly different.

 Misty & Blink - I allowed them to both gain entry into the house, as they had a slight bit of movement left, and I figured a fear boosted shot of adreniline would have helped.

 Lorenzo & Karen - most of your turn was taken up in moving, so I deemed there wasn't enough actions left to actually barricade the windows in this room. Between the pair of you you should be able to barricade this room completely next turn - provided the zombies outside the windows don't get the initiative next turn. mwahahahahahah

 I used Robert's actions to let Misty and Blink into the house and lock the door behind them.

 Misty grabbed enough nails, tools and wood to barricade one door, but enough extra nails to help out elsewhere.

 Does anyone have a molotov? Upper floor window vs zombies at front door.  Just a thought.