PBB game 2 - turn 13 results

Turn 13 Results

The zombies shuffle ever closer around the house, and with a shattering noise their weight of numbers breaks down the front door, and a zombie moans as it enters the house.

Upstairs Vonnie tries to force open the door in front of her, but to no success.

She hears Grom muttering to himself and then the sound of automatic fire breaks the relative silence of the house.

Taking aim through the upstairs window, Grom takes down five of the undead forming in to a hoard outside the front door.

"Hey guys.. Did you miss me?", quips Blink popping a tic tac. "I am going to go upstairs and take you the deadheads from above!"

 Leaving the kitched blink enters the main room and is shocked to see the front door smashed in and a zombie in the house. Firing a hasty burst at the zombie has no effect on the zombie.

Back in the kitchen Misty says "Hi Guys, miss me?" Panting for breath she quickly starts to barricade the rear door, with Roberts help.

 Having helped Misty, Robert checks out the door closest to him and discovers it is only a toilet. Fortunately nothing nasty is in this room.

 Heading back to the upper door in the kitchen, Robert stops in front of it and contemplates the best way to break it down.

Karen silently barricades the window looking out on the road, not wanting to attract the attention of the zombies.

 She is not certain if she alerted the zombies to her presence when she calls out "Hey, guys, there's a rocket launcher and ammo on the couch in the lounge if you want it!"

Lorenzo barricades the last window on the lower floor and flinches when Karen calls out.

Even more zombies approach the house, attracted by the sound of gun fire...

Game Notes:

 The zombies won the initiative for the turn, but as they failed to notice Karen and Lorzeno through the windows I had those characters hold fire.

I halted Blink's movement and fired a burst at the zombie entering the house, as I figured this would be done given the chance.

In fact it seemed to work out better that the zombies won the initiative, as it meant Blink was able to see them entering the house and is in a better turn to give orders next turn.

Robert ran out of full actions to be able to tackle the upper most door again this turn.

And Vonnie would have opened the door with some better dice rolls on my behalf :-P


Brummie said...

Hearing the distinct noise of Blink's SMG and the crashing of the door being broken Misty advances in to the next room and open fires on the zombie in the doorway

Vampifan said...

Karen apologises to Lorenzo for scaring him, "Sorry, Lorenzo, I didn't mean to scare you. I guess we're all a bit jumpy."
She will move three squares to her right, then move through the bedroom door and keeping ducked down will scuttle three squares up. She doesn't want to get shot in the back from Misty. She will use her third turn to fire both pistols to shoot the zombie inside (if Misty has missed him/her) otherwise she will shoot at the nearest zombie(s) she can see outside.

Lord Siwoc said...

Misty will most likely react to Blink yelling alot of bad language, his smg is silenced.

Continuing cursing Blink drops to one knee and aims, not one to waste ammo. Aim and fire. Aim and fire. Repeat.

(It is good you alter what our characters do in order for them to react to things we do not yet know about. What you made Blink do is most likely what he would have done.)

Clint said...

Vonda mutters under her breathe "Grom is such a fool attracting more of the dead to the house he should be glad I don't just chuck him out of the window!If he keeps it up I probably will, he's a liability. We can do without his sort.He should have learnt that if you act like a idiot you die quickly!.... "
The rant continues as she tries the door for one last time not really expecting to open it now.

If the door does not open. Vonnie mutters as she hurries 3 steps to the right and then 3 steps up to the top of the stairs.

If the door does finally open. Spend an action to take in the rooms contents. If anything of interest can be seen from the doorway move to collect it. OR defend herself from anything nasty!

"With Luck the stoopid imbercile will run out of ammo. If he don't stop soon everything for miles will get here, and then he will be in trouble. I will do for him I swear I will. What a Cu*t he's just a pre-corpse that will get everyone killed. IDIOT!".... And the Rant continues!

Vampifan said...

I like Vonda! She's got her head screwed on the right way!

Mathyoo said...

Hey, don't all hate the victim here! :O

However, Groms was squeezing the trigger until the gun has stopped shooting. Those few seconds passed like hours, but dry clicking has woken up Grom. He was quickly back on tracks and realized what he has just done. It is rumored that he even shed a tear, before deciding watching makes nothing done and spending all 3 actions (if I've counted correctly?) to show the lady how real man treats a locked door.

Im pretty sure I should run out of actions after first try. But if I got anything wrong, Grom will either support Vonda with room clearing if needed, or go break the last door, so we can make upper floor secure.

Dan said...

Robert will continue to try and break down the door. However, if he is called to come help he will move to the living room to shot zombies.

Zerloon said...

Lorenzo sighted, really he is afraid of all this slaughter... he see Karen going in the living room, and literally jump out when the shooting starts!!

He ducked.

"This will attract more zeds! "

With a worried face he watch the windows, if the undead manage to enter they are done.

Lorenzo takes his knife, and starts guarding the side.