PBB2 - Turn 2 results

Here are the results for turn 2:

Misty Climbs over the fence and looks into the car. She doesn't see anything of interest, but does get a creepy feeling down her spine.

Blink 'pauses' for a moment to take in the scenery and moves of down the road. He notices two zombies down the road from him, and two more on the other side of the fence line behind the house.

Robert moves in for a closer look a the car, but like Misty, doesn't see anything of interest.

Lorenzo moves down the road and hurries to catch up to Karen and Vonnie.

Vonnie moves to the bottom of the fence line and looks down the path - she can see a zombie shuffling behind a tree at the far end, and what appears to be a dog with a hand in it's mouth.

Karen moves further down providing cover to Vonnie should she need it.

Game Notes - ranges for the weapons will be in squares, not inches. Thus if a pistol has 10" range in table top terms, it will have a range 10 squares in this game.

Ranges are:

Pistols - 10
Heavy Pistols - 10
Rifles - 30
SMG - 15
Grenade - 10

zombie survival quizz

After seeing this quizz on one of the blogs I follow, I decided I had to do it for myself.

And according to the quizz:

How long will you survive?

And just so every one knows:

And this one is very important:

Gamquistu - I could consume 16 pounds (8 kilograms) of bacon in one sitting! And you?

PBB2 - Turn 1

Ok, I waited the full week for everyone to submit their turns, but one of you might be having 'real world' problems and hasn't done so.

 But, the game will go on regardless.

Turn 1 Results

 Nothing out of the ordinary happens.

Misty moves forward to look over the fence at the jeep, but can't see anything of note.

Blink cautiously follows Misty and provides back up.

Robert moves towards the drive way, while Von moves to check out the front of the house via the pathway leading to the front door.

Karen provides back up for Von.

Lorenzo seems to be a bit stunned by the whole zombie apocalypse thing and remains where he is.

I haven't provided the other map sections for this turn, as nothing has happened involving them... that you know of.

If you want to refer to them, please check them out here: set up maps

Other Game Notes

   Zombie spawn points - there aren't any. But... zombies can spawn anywhere. Player's shouldn't worry though - zombies won't spawn right next to any of the survivors, unless they open the door to  a room that contains some that is.

 Missing the dead line for orders: if a player misses the dead line for submitting orders their survivor will just stand their for the turn. Then will defend themselves if attacked, but otherwise should be considered suffering from a bit of shell shock.

 If you know there will be a week or two that you will be away from a PC and thus unable to issue orders, then let all the players know and someone can cover you for that duration.

PBB2 - set up continued

Ok, here is the set up and the other maps.  The maps lap over each other - thus the house is in the centre of the map. (click to enlarge them please).

At this stage no one can see inside the house (except for the floor boards and the stairs) and you can't see any zombies or survivors in the area... yet.

Movement is given as 'move left 2, up 1' for example.  Leaving the side of a map that doesn't link over on to another map means the survivor so moving has left the game and run away. So be careful what movement orders you give.

On orders - each player has 3 actions for a turn. Movement for one action = 3 squares. Thus if you gave 3 movement orders for a turn you could move 9 squares.

 Combat takes one order, so shooting or melee takes up one of your three actions per turn.

 You can give any other order for one of your three actions that isn't covered above: thus you can move, shoot, melee or anything else three times in one turn.

This game will use initiative - so zombies may move before you do!  Any action that is classed as 'not possible' (i.e. walking through a wall) will negate that action for the turn.

 If more than one character attempts to occupy a square on the map the one moving first will occupy that square, and the other one will stop in the last square they could move in to.

Game objectives

 Occupy the house and make it safe for the night. The game ends when either all survivors are dead, have fled the map or the house has been 100% secured.

I will accept more questions and clarifications. 

Once you are happy with the set up please post your orders in the comments section. As soon as everyone has posted their orders I will work out the results.

Board of the Living Lead hits 100 members

The Board of the Living Lead forum had its 100th member join today - not too bad for a forum that was just created towards the end of last year and very little is done to promote it.

 Now if we can get more than 10% of the members to actually make some posts that would be an accomplishment.

For those that don't know the link to the forum, here is the link