PBB2 - Turn 1

Ok, I waited the full week for everyone to submit their turns, but one of you might be having 'real world' problems and hasn't done so.

 But, the game will go on regardless.

Turn 1 Results

 Nothing out of the ordinary happens.

Misty moves forward to look over the fence at the jeep, but can't see anything of note.

Blink cautiously follows Misty and provides back up.

Robert moves towards the drive way, while Von moves to check out the front of the house via the pathway leading to the front door.

Karen provides back up for Von.

Lorenzo seems to be a bit stunned by the whole zombie apocalypse thing and remains where he is.

I haven't provided the other map sections for this turn, as nothing has happened involving them... that you know of.

If you want to refer to them, please check them out here: set up maps

Other Game Notes

   Zombie spawn points - there aren't any. But... zombies can spawn anywhere. Player's shouldn't worry though - zombies won't spawn right next to any of the survivors, unless they open the door to  a room that contains some that is.

 Missing the dead line for orders: if a player misses the dead line for submitting orders their survivor will just stand their for the turn. Then will defend themselves if attacked, but otherwise should be considered suffering from a bit of shell shock.

 If you know there will be a week or two that you will be away from a PC and thus unable to issue orders, then let all the players know and someone can cover you for that duration.


Brummie said...

what is the penalty for climbing the fence? I'd like to have Misty climb the fence and search the jeep but not sure if her move will cover it.

Shelldrake said...

Climbing the fence will cost you one of your three actions/orders for the turn

lrqan said...

NIce quiet start, just building up the tension. I've been looking forward to this.

Clint said...

Karen,(Vampi) how do you want to do this? Want to wait and see if the big guy can pull himself out of stun? I am Loathe to leave anyone.... But if we wait how long are we waiting for? My sugesstion would that we proceed slowly down the board (2 actions). That way he can catch up in a couple of turns. If he chooses too.

Vampifan said...

Clint, that sounds like a good plan to me.

Karen will move three squares diagonally right and down, followed by three squares down. Her third turn will be spent keeping a lookout for any sign of danger or anything unusual. She has both pistols drawn, ready to deal with any threat

Zerloon said...

Sorryfor missing the very first turn, I hope this don't happen again!


Lorenzo shook is head, everyone has moved and he is still standing like a pile of rubbish...


He take a good grip of his trusthy knife, and go down (x6) then righr (x3).

Sorry again.

Brummie said...

Cheers. Misty clambers over the fence (2 move actions)and checks over the car (last action)

Vampifan said...

@Zerloon. Welcome to the party, mate. Can I ask you if you've come up with a name for your character yet?

Dan said...

Robert approaches the car with misty. He moves right 4 spaces, down 2 and right 3, keeping an eye out and pistol at the ready. When he reaches the car he will look for anything useful.

Shelldrake said...

@Vampifan: Zerloon's character is called Lorenzo

Vampifan said...

Thanks, Shelldrake.

Clint said...

Vonnie will cautiously head down the path towards the corner of the picket fence.Looking dagonally and to the right until she has a clear line of sight along the side of the house.
Wave to the big guy, Lorenzo and beckon him to join us.. At the corner of the picket fence she waits and watches for any movement. She also looks to see if any of the windows are open or broken.

Shelldrake said...

Clint - could you please give your movement in squares moved and in what direction as this gives me exactly how many actions you use for the turn and allows me to position you exactly where you want to move to.

If I am reading it correctly you will need to use two move actions to position yourself where you want, leaving you one action remaining.

Clint said...

2 moves, (6 squares) down. 1 Action remaining for "Overwatch" and to allow Lorenzo to close some distance.

Lord Siwoc said...

Blink uses 1 action to look at Misty`s ass as she wriggles over the fence.

Then wakes up again and use the last two action both on walking to the right trying to see if anyone or anything is coming...