zombie survival quizz

After seeing this quizz on one of the blogs I follow, I decided I had to do it for myself.

And according to the quizz:

How long will you survive?

And just so every one knows:

And this one is very important:

Gamquistu - I could consume 16 pounds (8 kilograms) of bacon in one sitting! And you?


Sean said...

Doh! I thought I was doing good at 387 days. Fun quiz.

Shelldrake said...

I think I gained the extra days because I live in the boon docks and not a heavily built up area.

That and I was a complete bastard in the quiz wouldn't let a bitten survivor in my strong hold :-P

Zabadak said...

376 days- I've even surprised myself!

Brummie said...

368 Days I managed