PBB2 - set up continued

Ok, here is the set up and the other maps.  The maps lap over each other - thus the house is in the centre of the map. (click to enlarge them please).

At this stage no one can see inside the house (except for the floor boards and the stairs) and you can't see any zombies or survivors in the area... yet.

Movement is given as 'move left 2, up 1' for example.  Leaving the side of a map that doesn't link over on to another map means the survivor so moving has left the game and run away. So be careful what movement orders you give.

On orders - each player has 3 actions for a turn. Movement for one action = 3 squares. Thus if you gave 3 movement orders for a turn you could move 9 squares.

 Combat takes one order, so shooting or melee takes up one of your three actions per turn.

 You can give any other order for one of your three actions that isn't covered above: thus you can move, shoot, melee or anything else three times in one turn.

This game will use initiative - so zombies may move before you do!  Any action that is classed as 'not possible' (i.e. walking through a wall) will negate that action for the turn.

 If more than one character attempts to occupy a square on the map the one moving first will occupy that square, and the other one will stop in the last square they could move in to.

Game objectives

 Occupy the house and make it safe for the night. The game ends when either all survivors are dead, have fled the map or the house has been 100% secured.

I will accept more questions and clarifications. 

Once you are happy with the set up please post your orders in the comments section. As soon as everyone has posted their orders I will work out the results.


Brummie said...

Misty's 3 actions. Move x 3 Right 9 squares.

Misty cautiously advance to the yellow jeep to see if it has any occupants and to search it for supplies.

Clint said...

Firstly now I can see the "whole" map, loving it. Really looking forward to the game. SO big Thanks to Shelldrake for sorting it all out.

Misty's obviously going for it, do the rest of us want a plan before we start or shall we just wing it?

I'm happy either way.

Does anyone have any more map questions now we have more map to view?

I'll post my move on Tuesday to give time for everyone to reply, or make a set of actions.

Ok folks good luck and lets kill Zeds! (But try to do it quietly please).

lrqan said...

Looking really good.

Vampifan said...

Can we decide on a leader for the group? Ideally, it should be the character with the highest GUTS score, which rather rules Karen out as she has a lowly score of 7. Any of the characters with GUTS 11 want to be group leader? I'll volunteer if no one else wants the job. I do think it is important to work as a team rather than six individuals.

I think we should have a plan of action before haring off all over the place.

As I see it we have two options - one, head straight inside as fast as possible and deal with any threats indoors. Or two, search and clear the exterior before moving inside. I'd favour option two, splitting the team into two groups of three. Send one group to the right and one downwards, and meet up at the diagonally opposite corner of the house.

It's just a suggestion.

Shelldrake, I'll post Karen's orders when I hear from the others on what to do.

Lord Siwoc said...

I like Vampikarens suggestion about checking outside first.

Orders from blink:
Go with Misty for 2 actions.
Then overwatch for last action.

In other words cover her ass as she check on the jeep.

Dan said...

Robert will move right 6 and down 3 squares along with the others checking out the jeep.

Clint said...

Vonnie will also move. She will move diagonally (down and right) towards the front gate. For 2 moves.

She will then use her last Action standing still, looking, listening and trying to determine if the area is a quiet as it f1rst appears. Treat it as either a perception check or Overwatch as you see fit Shelldrake.

Cheers Mate

Ok guys we have three going for the "jeep" so I guess the others should circle the other way.

Vampifan said...

Is diagonal movement allowed? Karen will move six squares down then turn to the right (her left) to watch Von's back.

Shelldrake said...

Yes, diagonal is allowed - just say now many squares being moved and include up/down, left/right with the 3 of squares moved.