PBB2 - Turn 2 results

Here are the results for turn 2:

Misty Climbs over the fence and looks into the car. She doesn't see anything of interest, but does get a creepy feeling down her spine.

Blink 'pauses' for a moment to take in the scenery and moves of down the road. He notices two zombies down the road from him, and two more on the other side of the fence line behind the house.

Robert moves in for a closer look a the car, but like Misty, doesn't see anything of interest.

Lorenzo moves down the road and hurries to catch up to Karen and Vonnie.

Vonnie moves to the bottom of the fence line and looks down the path - she can see a zombie shuffling behind a tree at the far end, and what appears to be a dog with a hand in it's mouth.

Karen moves further down providing cover to Vonnie should she need it.

Game Notes - ranges for the weapons will be in squares, not inches. Thus if a pistol has 10" range in table top terms, it will have a range 10 squares in this game.

Ranges are:

Pistols - 10
Heavy Pistols - 10
Rifles - 30
SMG - 15
Grenade - 10


Brummie said...

Misty seeing that the car is empty skirts round the car and approach's the window intent on seeing if anybody is home.

Actions move x3 Right x 4 Down 3

Vampifan said...

Karen will make two moves - first she'll move diagonally down and to the right three squares, then she'll move three squares to the right. Her third turn will be spent observing the zombies she can see.

This should give Lorenzo more time to catch up.

I have a question for you, Shelldrake. Karen's diagonal move takes her through the square occupied by Von. What are your rules for moving through squares occupied by other characters? I understand they can't both end up in the same square but I'm uncertain about moving through an occupied square.

Clint said...

Vonda will maintain her current position, scanning the area ready to act. Again giving Lorenzo a chance to catch up. (All three actions overwatch.)
If possible try to see if any of the windows on this side of the house are open. Try to determine if it is a dog or an undeadoggie.
And work out what the red marks on the path are.

Shelldrake said...

@Vampifan - if you try to enter a square someone or something is in, you will stop in the last square moved into before being forced to stop.

Dan said...

Robert will move to investigate the front door.

He will move 4 squares to the left and 3 down. If he can he will try to open the door stepping back a square when he does preparing for anything inside.

If it is locked he will look to see if it can easily be picked.

Vampifan said...

Thanks, Shelldrake. Seeing as Von is not moving this turn, Karen will now move three squares down, then three squares to the right, putting her just ahead of Von.

Zerloon said...

As Lorenzo see the other stop and looking serious he ask:


And accelerate.

(Down 3 step, diagonal Down-right 3 step)

At this point he get a view of "them"... he ready his pistol, (3rd action, Overwatch) and ask the others...

"Hey, should'nt try to get inside? Maybe we can make a better stand inside..."

Zerloon said...

Ops, I just noticed I go stop at the fence :D

Pls change my movement:

4 down
2 diagonal down-right

Thanks :D

Lord Siwoc said...

"Hmmm... No need to get the others worried now. "

Blink decides not to call out as he spots the zeds. Instead shouldering the weapon and takes a shot against each of the 2 closets zeds.

"Did I bring my tictacs?"

Clint said...

Sorry Vampi... did not realise you could not pass through same square. Or would have sidestepped to let you pass as you posted actions first.

Vampifan said...

No problem, Clint. Karen should end up where I wanted her to be so it's all good. Plus, we now have confirmation about not being able to pass through occupied squares.