PBB Game 2 - Turn three results

Turn 3 Results:

 Blink pops a tic tak and raises his silenced smg. He fires a short burst at each of the two closest zombies - the first one goes down with it's head exploding into a red mist. The second zombie takes a round to it's body and shuffles forward.

 Misty moves to check out the window - the curtains are drawn and she can only make out very little in the way of shadows through the tiniest of gap.

 Robert moves to the front door - the door is open, but only by the smallest of cracks.

Lorenzo moves to catch up with the other two to the south of the house. Calling out to Karen and Vonda he says "Hey, should'nt try to get inside? Maybe we can make a better stand inside..."

Vonda thinks the dog is a normal dog just getting a free feed. The zombies near by don't seem interested in the dog. The red marks on the path appear to be blood.

 More zombies start to appear, and those already on the scene shuffle towards a likely meal.

Game Notes: despite a low initiative roll for the survivors they still were able to move before the zombies thanks to a really bad roll for the zombies.

 The maps are now extra large - if these are too big and take too long to load please let me know and I will make the next ones smaller.

 Zerloon - I made the maps before picking up on your adjusted move - please remind me of this in your next orders and I will make the adjustment - unless you are happier to be closer to the house door than to the zombies.

 Clint - don't stress too much over the dog as it is just a signature piece for me. I have included it in every zombie game so far. I thought I had made a post about the dog last year, but can't find it in my blog... maybe I was going to make a post but forgot to do so.


Lord Siwoc said...

"Hmmm....Damn deadheads! Well if the others need their backsides clear I better get on with it!"

Looks to be a shooting gallery for Blink. He goes down on one knee in order to brace, then fires on the two closest zeds.

Brummie said...

Misty move 3 squares north and add her weight of fire in support of Blink.

Clint said...
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Vampifan said...

@Clint. I have another suggestion. We seem to have ignored the car parked just across the road from where we are. Karen would like to check it out, with back up from you and/or Lorenzo. It's only a few squares away. What do you say?

Clint said...

Ok mate previous actions now deleted. We'll check the car. I'll follow your lead.

Vampifan said...

Karen will take two turns moving four squares left and twp squares down. She will use her third turn to look in the car.

Clint said...

Von moves Diagonally down and left for 2 squares and left for the final square. She will use the other two actions protecting Karen if need be.

Dan said...

Robert will push the door open and then step back a square in case there are zombies just inside. If he cannot see anything then he will advance cautiously on square inside with his gun at the ready. If he sees zombies inside he will go back out the door to alert the others. If not he will stay at the ready with his gun.

Zerloon said...

Ok, I see that Karen is going to examine the car, so I move diagonally (down-left) two space and down one space, then use my two action in overwatch.

Doing so I mumble "I hope these dudes know what they does..."

For the position is good as it is, don't worry making adjustements :D