PBB - Game 2, turn 7 results

Squealing in fright at being discovered in the wardrobe, Grom enters the room and introduces himself to Robert.

"Please, this is not my house - I was only hiding in here so local gang members that terrorise the neighbourhood wouldn't kill me"

 It seems to Robert that Grom might have been in the wardrobe for most of the day, missing out of the rising of the zombies on the streets.

 Taking stock of the situation Robert replies "Thanks for not shooting me, I'm Robert".

 Robert says, "I wouldn't mind letting you come with me, but ultimately its up to the group. There are a number of us outside. If and when they ever decide to come in and help fortify this place we can all decide then. However, if you would help make sure the rest of the building is clear of zombies that would go a long way to helping the group welcome you in."

 Signalling Grom to follow him, Robert re-enters the main room and moves east to the next door and reaches out to open it, but holds back at the last second, his heart pounding.

 Misty and Blink move towards the East and open up on the zombies. Misty's shots are ineffective, and Blink only manages to take down one zombie with his shots.

 Karen grabs the two ammo clips and says with a broad smile, "Oooh, shiny!"

 She pockets the spare ammo in her long coat. Then opening the door to the car she takes a better look.

 "Hey, guys" she says, "Anyone want a rocket launcher? If not, I'm grabbing it."

 "A rocket launcher? Really?", Lorenzo says in disbelief.  Continuing he says, "Hey gang. What about going inside the house? Go North, there is only a couple of them."

 Jumping off the car, Lorenzo charges the zombie close to him and cleaves it into three pieces.

 Vonda moves forward and engages the closest zombie in hand to hand combat. Without even batting an eye lid she moves in on the zombie and dispatches it mercilessly.

Game Notes:

 The survivor had the initiative this turn and not many new zombies turned up, so a bit of a breather for you all.
 You might need it looking at what is shambling your way.

 @Dan - I have fixed the maps up. And your character failed the required dice rolls needed to open the door. Weird rules I know - think of it as a test of nerves.

@ Clint - you said Vonda had two blades but not the type. I decided she had machetes based on a) not taking a knife to a zombie fight and b) if you owned the rules you would not have taken knives when you could have  a machete.

 @ Brummie and Lord Siwoc - the dice rolls for you guys were bad today, thus only one zombie went down.

 EDIT - I have corrected the maps - should anyone want to issue new orders to reflect the minor changes, please do so in the comments section.


Shelldrake said...

I have no idea what is with the text - the formatting is weird and blogger was playing up a bit, and I can't fix it.

Bloody zombies.

Dan said...

@Shelldrake, I think last time I put for Robert to move to the right and open the door to the bathroom not to the main door. If its to late to change it thats ok we can go there next turn.

Shelldrake said...

I will take a look at it tomorrow - it isnt too late to change, just too late in the night to do it now :-)

Charles Salley said...

The tension builds... the survivors are arming, but the zeds are building!

Brummie said...

Misty advance towards the bushes (1x move) and opens fire on the closest zombie north east of her. (opens fire x1 if she kills the zombie misty will then advance south to the corner of the building move x1 if not fire x2).

Clint said...

Machettes hmmm much more practicle than a butter knife. Thanks for the upgrade.

"Ladies we are leaving. Oh and you Renzo" Von calls over her shoulder and flexing her fingers on the handle of the Machette takes two move actions up. (north) Towards the house.

the Third action will be to attack the zed if it come in range. or to look back and make sure Karen is coming if Lorenzo has attacked the zombie first.

Vonnie also mutters somthing to her self if Karen and or Lorenzo choose not to move towards the house.

Vampifan said...

Karen tucks the rocket launcher and two spare rockets under her left arm. She moves six squares up, followed by a diagonal move of three squares up and three squares to the right, heading towards the house entrance.

Lord Siwoc said...

Blink moves right 3 spaces then fires on the zombies. We need breathing space before we get surrounded!!

Dan said...

Thanks for fixing it :)

Robert will try and collect himself and open the door to the bathroom again. If there are zombies inside he will try and kill them. If it is empty he will open the door next to him that leads to the back room. If he sees any zombies he will kill them. He will ask Grom to watch his back and make sure nothing comes down the stairs.

lrqan said...

Shaping up niceley, good work.

Zerloon said...

Lorenzo make a grin, and go for the entrance.

He move (three diagonal up-right) then move again (two diagonal up-right, one up), go for the knife and...

He freeze in horror, as realize that che zombie was a little girl!!


(3rd action is overwatch. If the zombie attack I'll go for the kill, otherwise see what do the others)

Mathyoo said...

Grom thinks Rob can handle the last two rooms himself and will use his actions to move upstairs.

Grom will stop in front of the door on top of the stairs but will not open them this round.

Clint said...

Have I missed a turn, or have you been too busy? All the best Clint.