PBB Game 2 Turn 4 results

The zombies in the north half of the area shamble closer towards Blink, one of them almost gets within reaching distance before Blink can act.

At very close range Blink puts all of his rounds into this zombie but fails to get a head shot. Misty, moving up to the fence fires a solid burst into the same zombie, but it isn't until the end of the burst before the zombie's head explodes and it goes down.

More zombies appear to the south east of the area.

Robert cautiously opens the door. Nothing jumps out of nowhere, so he enters the front room of the house.

Vonda and co. gather upon the car to the south west. Peering inside they see a dead man in the drivers seat, a gun shot wound to his head. Packed in the car are all kinds of goodies - weapons and food supplies  amongst them.

 The car is locked.

Game Notes:

 the zombies won the initiative this turn and one stopped one square short of Blink. When it came to shooting all of Blink's and Misty's shots hit this zombie, but it wasn't until the last die roll that it was killed.  I know your orders said to shoot at the various zombies, but I figured survival would kick in and this single zombie would be the target until it went down.

 Every one can now see the interior of the house, but not every thing is on display as yet. I wont answer questions about things in the house a character can not see.


Vampifan said...

Karen will holster her pistols and draw her Multi-Tool. She will use this to try and pick the lock of the car.

"Guys, watch my back," she says to the other two.

Clint said...

Holster the pistol and take 1 step to the right. So Vonnie is Next to Lorenzo. Unsheath the blades and wait ready to fight the rotters!

With luck we should be able to double up on the first Zed, and finish him before the 2nd and 3rd get close enough.

Lord Siwoc said...

" Too close, too close, too close!"
Blink decides to jump the fence and get in the car to have a bit of distance and a better view.

"Thanks!" he manages to say as he gets up in the car.

Brummie said...

Misty advances west and takes bead on the single zombie approaching her and Blink from that direction.

Move x1 West 3 squares, aims and shoots (Can you aim to improve accuracy if not fires twice please)

Shelldrake said...

Lord Siwoc - please include movement orders so I know exactly where you want to go - I wouldn't want you to get eaten because I put you where I thought you wanted to go :-P

Lord Siwoc said...

2 squares left and then 4 squares down please.

Charles Salley said...

This is sweet! I will certainly get in on the next one should you decide to run it again. Some great questions from the early posts. Some interesting stuff to interact with. Where did you get the map tool?

Shelldrake said...

Thanks Charles - if all goes well this this game I hope to run it as a campaign.

The map creator is from 'Paper Make it': http://www.papermakeit.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=57&category_id=2&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=73

It is very easy to use, but I am still learning exactly what I can do with it.

Zerloon said...

Lorenzo see the knife in Vonnie 's hand and give a nod. "Good idea lad... and please hurry with that car! "

Lorenzo take his blade and ready himself to make some zed very sorry...

Dan said...

Robert will move one square out of the house and try and signal the others that he is searching the house. Then he will move 4 squares to his right and then down 2 squars and open the door readying himself to move away if there are zombies inside.