PBB2 - Turn 5 results

"Braaaiiiiiins" moan the zombies as they shuffle forward, with many more zombies appearing in the area, almost as if someone advertised on FaceStalk that there was a party in the area.

 Blink decides that caution is better than valor and jumps the fence and climbs up into the back of the jeep to give himself a tiny buffer from the on coming shamblers.

 Misty takes careful aim and manages to take down the zombie that was coming up behind Blink from the west.

 Robert moves on to the door step of the house and motions to the Karen/Vonda/Lorenzo group that he is going inside the house. At least that is what they think he means.
 Heading back into the house, Robert is a little creeped out by the child zombie that has appeared opposite the footpath leading to the house.
 Going inside, Robert stops before the closest door from the entry way.

 Karen tries to pick the lock to the car, but is unnerved by the sudden appearance of a zombie on the other side of the car.

 Vonda and Lorenzo ready themselves for the quickly forming hoard of zombies coming from the east....

Game Notes:

The zombies won the initiative again and their numbers were swelled by some decent spawning rolls on their behalf.
 Misty and firing - was very lucky with one of the dice that took out the zombie, despite an aiming bonus.  Re aiming bonus - there aren't any actual rules for aiming (which their should be) so as a group we need to decide if an aiming bonus adds to the chance to hit, or to the chance to hit a zombie where it counts.
 Vonda - not sure if I should make a 'pissed off' check to see if she likes being called 'lad' or not. I might let you guys role play this one out with your replies.
 Robert - Not enough actions to open the door inside the house for this turn, which might be a good thing given that the zombies seem to be winning the initiative at the moment.

 Any questions?


Lord Siwoc said...

Pop a tictac, grumble about the living dead, brace, aim shoot!!!

"If we clear these Misty, how about a trip round the house to check the red car?"

Brummie said...

Misty Climbs onto the car and adds her weight of fire to Blinks to take down the Shamblers approaching from the East.

Sounds good to me :D

Zerloon said...

Lorenzo, seeing the zombies approachin say:
"C'mon, break the fucking glass!"
Jump on the car, and try to behead the zed.

First action move, diagonal down-left two square, and I should be over the car.

Two action to kill the zombie.

If all go well give a worried look if there are more incoming...

Vampifan said...

Karen says, "Ah, screw this!" and pockets her multi-tool and draws her pistols. She uses one to smash the car window. (Is this automatic or do you have to dice to see if she's successful?) If she succeeds she'll check to see what's inside the car.

Dan said...

A couple questions.

1. I don't think I specified but I wanted to make sure the front door was securely shut but left unlocked for the others when I entered.

2. Can zombies spawn inside the house?

Shelldrake said...

Dan - no, you didn't mention it, but I will allow the door to be closed and unlocked behind you because I am a nice guy (mwhahahahaha)

Zombies will never spawn inside the house BUT you can encounter them every time you enter a new room as a random encounter.

You can also not find zombies every time you enter a new room.

I bet you wished every one had gone to the house and not messed around with things that won't win the game right?

Dan said...

I am having second thoughts about taking on this house by myself. :)

So you are saying as I clear the rooms every time I reenter a room there is a chance of a zombie even if I've check out the whole house and left doors open between rooms?

Either way my actions this time will be to open the door to the bed room and prepare my gun. If I can't see anything from the door way I will step on space inside room and deal with any zombies I find. I will then check the closet.

Shelldrake said...

Only the rooms you have never been in yet - once you have been in a room the only way a zombie will turn up is if they follow you in.

Clint said...

"Hurry up girls, they're coming and it looks like they have bought some friends!"

Vonda Crosses herself and waits for the eneviatble melee.

Three actions waiting to get attacked and fighting back. Trying to aim for the head but you only get lucky sometimes!

"Come on Girls grab the gear and lets haul ass!"