RAFM size comparisons

I ordered some RAFM figures to fill in my collection of survivors a bit, and i am fairly happy with them.

I ordered The Pretender, Biggs - Rogue Cop, Delilah, and Burt Jackson (see pic below) all of which have a bit of firepower for taking down zombies.

The figures come with square plastic slotta bases, which i will be replacing with metal ones i will be getting from Eureka Miniatures.

A few people in posts on the TMP have wondered how they fit in with other ranges of figures, so i took two photos to give a size comparison for people.

Above: RAFM , Copplestone, Eureka, Brigade Games, Artizan and Black Tree.

And a second one with the figures re-arranged

Basically the figures will fit in with other ranges without too much problem, especially when looking on them from a height.
The RAFM figures will also drop a fraction (albeit a very small amount) when i put them on the Eureka Bases.

Discount Hobby Zombies

I orders the Mega Mini Zombies a few weeks back from DiscountHobby.com and they arrived today.

I ordered the 20 zombies for $19.99 deal: link

I am very pleased with my new Zombies - not only have i added 2o zombies to my hoard, but i go them cheap too.

There is a tiny amount of flash to clean up on one or two of the figures, but not that much you need worry.

Some of the zombies are a little bigger than the Eureka Miniature ones i bought, but not some much so that i can't use both at the same time.

Once i get a few painted up i will post a photo with them next to the Eureka Miniature Zombies to make a height comparison for those wanting to see how the two brands mix in together.

Basic Training - an After Action Review

All new recruits to the Reaper Teams must go through a "live fire" exercise against a small group of Zombies to ensure they wont freeze in the heat of battle when out on field operations.

Each recruit is placed in a situation against a small group of zombies captured for this purpose. The recruit is always accompanied by a junior non commissioned officer or a senior team member.

Please click on the photos to see the larger image.

The situation: the new recruit (the standing figure) is accompanied by one of the senior team members (kneeling figure).
A small group of four zombies is released into the training area.

In the first turn both Reapers fire off shots at the zombies. The recruit misses his target, but the seasoned veteran brings down one with an accurate shot to the head.

The remaining zombies keep shambling forward, and all shots taken at them are accurate, but not accurate enough to kill any. All hits only slow the zombies temporarily.

As the zombies get closer the accuracy of the shooting improves. The recruit hits his target, but only slows it down. The veteran brings down another zombie in a display of zombie hunting knowledge gained out in the field.

As the zombies close in on the Reaper team, the veteran moves from his position behind the rock so as not to let the zombie get too close to him.

In the subsequent turn the recruit shows a few nerves and misses with his shot. The veteran takes careful aim and brings down the third zombie.

The recruit takes another shot at the remaining zombie and misses... again. Even though the veteran hits, his shot only slows the zombie for that turn.

Sensing it is almost upon it's prey the last zombie can taste the brains it is going to feats upon.

Both Reapers hit when they shoot, but all they do is slow the hungry monster down.

Fearing he will have to rely on his hand to hand training the recruit gets ready to tactically withdraw out of range of the zombie.
The veteran takes careful aim and nails the zombie right in the head, putting an end to its existence.
The recruit has passed his final training and is much relieved.

Final notes - as i only have four zombies in my collection (20 more are in the mail as i type) i could only play a small battle.

With a lot more zombies, i am sure the outcome of the battle may have been a lot different.

I am also adding to my scenery and hope to start on my city/town lay out as well fairly soon.

Game Mechanics - Melee

Each figure has a Melee Combat stat. This number indicates the amount of d6 that are rolled for that figure during hand to hand combat.

Melee: when ever figures are in base to base contact melee if fought. Each figure rolls the number of d6 equal to it's Melee Combat stat.

The attacker rolls first, and every 4, 5 or 6 counts as a hit.

The defender now gets to roll, and every 4, 5, or 6 he rolls counter acts one hit made by the attacker.

Should the defender roll more 4 - 6's than the attacker, then he has hit the attacker by the appropriate amount.

For each hit a figure takes, roll one wound dice to determine the injury.

Example: a zombie (3d6 attack dice) attacks a soldier (2d6 attack dice). I roll 5, 3 and 1 for the zombie, which equals one hit. I then roll 5 and 3 for the soldier, which negates the zombie's hit.

Game Mechanics - Cool Checks

"Nasties" have a fear rating. This rating represents the target number needed to roll higher than using a figure's cool stat.

For each additional nasty after the first within 6" of the figure making the cool check, the fear rating goes up by one.

Example: zombies have a fear of 0, but four in a pack give that pack a fear rating of 3. Players must roll higher than 3 for a figure to pass a cool check.

Just as packs of nasties can increase the fear rating, the number of friendly troops in the immediate vicinity can reduce the fear - safety in numbers of to speak. For each friendly figure within a 6" radius you can deduct 1 from the fear rating.

Example: the 4 zombies mentioned above have a fear rating of 3. I have 2 friendly figures close at hand to the figure making the cool check, so the fear rating drops to 1. I will now need to roll greater than 1 to pass the cool check.

Figures that fail a cool test must immediately move 6" away from the threat in the safest direction. If there is no where safe to flee, the figure remains where it is an may not act until passing another cool check in future turns.

A figure passing a cool check has the option of continuing what it was up to, or making an orderly tactical withdrawal.

Should the situation arise where the cool check target number is over 6, then for each additional 6 you roll after the first you can add 1 to the result.

Example: my figure has a cool of 4, giving it 4d6 to roll when making cool checks. A moster with a fear rating of 7 forces me to make a cool check. I roll 4d6 getting 6, 6, 4, and 3. As i rolled two 6's i can add 1 point to the first 6, giving me a result of 7.

Play test 1.0

Ok, i gave my rule ideas a bit of a play test, and promptly revised them - not once but twice.

I have changed the whole d10 to hit idea and stuck to d6's only.

Now each figure rolls X number of d6 equal to his stat.

Shooting: figures need a to roll a "6" to hit targets at long range, "5" at medium range and "4" at short range. The number of d6 they roll is equal to the Ranged Combat stat.

Wounds: for every successful hit roll on the wound table. Thus if you hit 3 times when shot at, you roll 3 times to determine wounds.

Tactics - if the situation allows it when fighting zombies, use fire and movement. As the zombies get close move away to give your self to shoot.

All previous rules have been amended to this new system.