Game Mechanics - Cool Checks

"Nasties" have a fear rating. This rating represents the target number needed to roll higher than using a figure's cool stat.

For each additional nasty after the first within 6" of the figure making the cool check, the fear rating goes up by one.

Example: zombies have a fear of 0, but four in a pack give that pack a fear rating of 3. Players must roll higher than 3 for a figure to pass a cool check.

Just as packs of nasties can increase the fear rating, the number of friendly troops in the immediate vicinity can reduce the fear - safety in numbers of to speak. For each friendly figure within a 6" radius you can deduct 1 from the fear rating.

Example: the 4 zombies mentioned above have a fear rating of 3. I have 2 friendly figures close at hand to the figure making the cool check, so the fear rating drops to 1. I will now need to roll greater than 1 to pass the cool check.

Figures that fail a cool test must immediately move 6" away from the threat in the safest direction. If there is no where safe to flee, the figure remains where it is an may not act until passing another cool check in future turns.

A figure passing a cool check has the option of continuing what it was up to, or making an orderly tactical withdrawal.

Should the situation arise where the cool check target number is over 6, then for each additional 6 you roll after the first you can add 1 to the result.

Example: my figure has a cool of 4, giving it 4d6 to roll when making cool checks. A moster with a fear rating of 7 forces me to make a cool check. I roll 4d6 getting 6, 6, 4, and 3. As i rolled two 6's i can add 1 point to the first 6, giving me a result of 7.

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