RAFM size comparisons

I ordered some RAFM figures to fill in my collection of survivors a bit, and i am fairly happy with them.

I ordered The Pretender, Biggs - Rogue Cop, Delilah, and Burt Jackson (see pic below) all of which have a bit of firepower for taking down zombies.

The figures come with square plastic slotta bases, which i will be replacing with metal ones i will be getting from Eureka Miniatures.

A few people in posts on the TMP have wondered how they fit in with other ranges of figures, so i took two photos to give a size comparison for people.

Above: RAFM , Copplestone, Eureka, Brigade Games, Artizan and Black Tree.

And a second one with the figures re-arranged

Basically the figures will fit in with other ranges without too much problem, especially when looking on them from a height.
The RAFM figures will also drop a fraction (albeit a very small amount) when i put them on the Eureka Bases.

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