All Things Zombie by Two Hour Wargames

With all the other things i have to do around the place, i figured the last thing i should be doing is making my own zombie rules up.

So, after thinking about it for a while i decided i would order a copy of "All Things Zombie" (ATZ) by Two Hour Wargames (THW).

You can purchase the rules either in a hard copy format (i.e. a book) or as a PDF you can print out for yourself, which is cheaper.

I decided to go with the Book format and used pay pal for the first time to order my copy.

One great thing about THW is that when you order a set of rules in book form you also get a PDF copy of the rules to read whilst waiting for the rules to arrive in the mail (which is what is happening as i type).

I have gone over the rules and i like them: they are fairly simple to learn and can be played as either a solo game or as part of a group.

Those wanting to order a copy of ATZ should visit the THW web site and take it from there. There is also a more in depth review on the site for those keen on getting the rules.

Overall i am very happy with both the rules and the service i received from Ed at THW.

A big thumbs up!


shintokamikaze said...

i orderd my pdf yesterday,it should be here soon, did you try the 2 expansions???

Shelldrake said...

No - I didn't get the expansions for ATZ. I am not a huge fan of the rules (yep, I am a heretic); the rules have some good ideas which I will borrow, but these aren't the rules for me.