Zombie Golf

I had an idea for a bit of fun for a zombie hunt scenario - Zombie Golf.

I am using All Thing Zombie as the base set of rules, and all the rules are used with the exception of any text in the "golf rules".

Zombie Golf
Step 1

Determine if you are playing 9 or 18 holes.

Step 2

Work out the par for each hole being played. (Hint – use your local golf course or your favourite one to determine the course). Holes must be either par 3, 4 or 5 unless you are basing your course on an actual course, in which case a par 6 may be played.

Step 3

Prepare your scenery: 1 Tee, 1 Green plus flag, some hazards (bunkers or water traps), and the fairway. Areas not the tee etc are considered to be the rough.

You may want to have some fences or other scenery which is marked as “out of bounds”.

Step 4

For each hole you need a number of zombies equal to 2 times the par for the hole for each player. Example: a par 3 will need 6 zombies per player.

Randomly place the zombies along each hole. They can be placed anywhere except the tees, and must be placed no closer than 12” from the golfers.

Zombies in an out of bounds area may not be “played”.

Step 5

Tee off. “Golfers” must shoot to kill (OD) Zombies on each hole as they play.

Each turn the zombies will move towards the tee and the “golfers”.

Play continues until each player either scores the best round for that hole (3 under par) or decides to concede the hole with what ever score that golfer has. Conceding is a nice way to phrase “let’s move on from this hole before we are killed”.

Do not roll for any new zombies to appear whilst playing the course.

Players MAY NOT "play" a zombie that someone else has "played" - i.e. once a player has shot at a zombie that is his "ball" until that particular zombie has been killed.

Step 6

Continue to play each hole in the round to the agreed amount (9 or 18 holes).


Each zombie killed (OD) is considered to be a stroke.

A par 3 hole means you need to OD 3 zombies to score par.

For every zombie over the 3 you score one shot under par up to a maximum of 3 under.

The worst you can score on a hole is a Triple Bogey, which is 3 shots over par.

Scores you can get:

Albatross: Three zombie kills more than par (3 under par)

Eagle: Two zombie kills more than par (2 under par)

Birdie: One zombie kill more than par (1 under par)

Par: an equal number of zombie kills equal to the par of the hole being played. (par)

Bogey: One less zombie kill than par (1 over par)

Double bogey: Two less zombie kills than par (2 over par)

Triple bogey: Three less zombie kills than par (3 over par)

Once all holes have been played the winner is the player with the best score.

One thing that will be fun for this game is making the scenery.

What would be even better is some figures of Zombie Golfers for the hunters to "play golf with".

I have edited the scoring at the end of the article to help clear up this part of the rules.


stealth_841 said...

Nice. I will have to try that.
Keep up the good zombie work.

Shelldrake said...

I am going to submit "Zombie Golfers" to the Eureka 100 Club, as i think they would add to the game a whole lot.

Anonymous said...

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