PBB Game 2 - Turn 9 results

Thank you to the players for being patient for this turn. So, with out any fanfare...

Grom heads up stairs - everything is very quiet on the first floor, and to his frustration, the doors seemed locked.

Misty fires two bursts into the zombie at the fence before it goes down. With relief she heads to the corner of the house.

Blink fires a couple of times into the zombie approaching from the south east. Most of the rounds strike the zombie before, it too, goes down. He proceeds to pop a tic tac as a reward.

Robert grabs the keys from the table, checks that the rear door is shut and then attempts to open what appears to be a cupboard door. The door is well and truly locks, and it even appears that is is made of stronger materials that you average broom cupboard.

Karen moves up to the child zombie and thrusts a gun against its head. The resulting pink mist leaves very little of the zombie remaining. Without skipping a beat, Karen enters the house.

 Von and Lorenzo move into the house behind Karen, closing the door behind them.

 More zombies appear, and the hoard to the south seems to be getting larger as it makes its way to the front door.

Game notes

 The zombies rolled so bad for initiative that I didn't need to roll initiative for any of the survivors.

 I hope I have placed characters where the players wanted them - Misty in particular... I didn't think Misty wanted to move too far forward in the back yard.

Note the upper floor has very little detail. I made the mistake of letting everyone see what was on the ground floor, but this time you have to find out what is on the next level by exploring.

PBB Game 2 turn 8 results

 The zombies shuffle forward towards what ever their rotten brains tell them to do.

 The zombie closest to Misty moves to the fence and starts to shake the flimsy wooden structure. It doesn't look like it will take too much to brake the fence at all.

Misty moves and puts a burst into the zombie at the fence, but the damage in minimal.

Blink moves up next to Misty and fires at the zombies coming towards them from the back yard. he kills the closest one easily enough, but doesn't take down the second closest one.

Robert opens up the door to the bath room, and to his relief he only sees a few bags of canned food in bags on the floor.

 Going to the next door he notices a set of car keys on the table.

 Grom leaves Robert to deal with what ever he comes across and heads up the stairs by himself to the first floor.

Karen, Vonda and Lorenzo move towards the front door of the house - the little girl zombie is scratching on the door and hasn't noticed them... yet.

 But the trio are now sandwiched between two zombies as another one appears opposite the front door, but this shouldn't be of too much concern to them.

Game Notes:

 Zombies won the initiative for this turn, and it looks like a nice little hoard is starting to form to the South East.

 Things will start to get very interesting soon, as I dare say there will be some gun shots about to happen, as it is not nice at all if a hoard gets to the survivors. It is easy to take a single zombie down, but quite the opposite when a hoard is involved.

 The results for the next turn will be delayed due to other commitments. If I am able to I will post the results early next week, otherwise it will have to be in two weekends time.

Studio Miniatures Global Funding Project

For those of you that are not aware of it by now, Studio Miniatures from the U.K. has a global funding project on "Indiegogo".

Who are Studio Miniatures?
Studio Miniatures produce zombie (including WW2 German zombies) and survivor miniatures, and as I found out to my delight the other day, they also produce some British Colonial figures. You can see what they produce here

What is Global Funding?
 Global funding is where people that want funding for a project can list their project and anyone interested in the project can donate towards the project to get it up and running.
 A lot of these projects on the internet use Amazon's Kickstater system, but Studio Miniatures have gone with Indiegogo.
 This is important for me - Amazon only accepts credit cards, and after being a victim to credit card fraud I no longer us a CC online.
 Indiegogo allows you to fund a project with a credit card or paypal.

 So, to all you people acting lick sheep with your funding projects - use a system that offers a variety of payment options!

What is Studio Miniatures wanting funded?

Very basically,  Studio Miniatures has posted a project to have plastic zombies made. There is a goal of $5,000 to get the project up and running. The project ends on 8 September 2012, so at the time of writing there is just over two months left to go.

 What do you get?
 Depending on how much funding you pay for you will get X number of plastic zombie sprues.

 If you fund the project you will also have your zombies posted to you anywhere in the world for free. This is a good thing to note. Free postage. World wide.

 There is also a free metal zombie figure on offer for those that fund the project - provided the project is fully funded.

What if the project isn't fully funded?
 Good question, and one that I asked Studio Miniatures (as well as asking them about the postage).
 If the project isn't fully funded, don't stress - you will still get the zombies you paid for, so you wont lose any money.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven't already, please back this project. If you have backed it, please do what I am considering and fund a little bit more.

To learn more about this project please click this link