PBB Game 2 - Turn 9 results

Thank you to the players for being patient for this turn. So, with out any fanfare...

Grom heads up stairs - everything is very quiet on the first floor, and to his frustration, the doors seemed locked.

Misty fires two bursts into the zombie at the fence before it goes down. With relief she heads to the corner of the house.

Blink fires a couple of times into the zombie approaching from the south east. Most of the rounds strike the zombie before, it too, goes down. He proceeds to pop a tic tac as a reward.

Robert grabs the keys from the table, checks that the rear door is shut and then attempts to open what appears to be a cupboard door. The door is well and truly locks, and it even appears that is is made of stronger materials that you average broom cupboard.

Karen moves up to the child zombie and thrusts a gun against its head. The resulting pink mist leaves very little of the zombie remaining. Without skipping a beat, Karen enters the house.

 Von and Lorenzo move into the house behind Karen, closing the door behind them.

 More zombies appear, and the hoard to the south seems to be getting larger as it makes its way to the front door.

Game notes

 The zombies rolled so bad for initiative that I didn't need to roll initiative for any of the survivors.

 I hope I have placed characters where the players wanted them - Misty in particular... I didn't think Misty wanted to move too far forward in the back yard.

Note the upper floor has very little detail. I made the mistake of letting everyone see what was on the ground floor, but this time you have to find out what is on the next level by exploring.


Lord Siwoc said...

Blink concentrates his fire on the 2 zeds by the red car.

"Damn deadheads!" Mutter...Grumble....

Clint said...

Vonnie Scans the door looking for keys or bolts or something! If there is anything to secure the door do so. If not start to move furniture to block the doorway. Start with anything I can move on my own. But if others are moving furniture help them. Needless to say try to do it as quietly as feasible possible. So as not to attract any more to the door.

Mathyoo said...

Grom shivers at thought about what people would lock in a building, but what needs to be done, needs to be done, so he starts breaking in.

(Do you use normal barricade rules?)

if yes, Grom spends his actions breaking the doors and if he gets in, proceeds as last turn.

If multiple choices of exploration appear, he will use his remaining actions to pause and think about it.

Vampifan said...

Karen will move two squares to the right and dump her rocket launcher and spare rockets on the settee. She will then draw her second pistol so that she has both pistols in her hands. If anyone asks for assistance she will move towards them. Otherwise, she will remain where she is and survey her surroundings.

Brummie said...

You interpreted what I meant perfectly. Misty adds her weight of fire to Blinks on the Zombies by the car (fires at zeds in front If Blink take them down have Misty Advance and check the car out instead)

Zerloon said...

Lorenzo give Von an hand in barricading the door (I have a skill in this, right?)

Dan said...

As he hears the others enter Robert yells into the room "We've got a friendly upstairs I found hiding in the closet, his name is Grom. Could one of you bring something to help barricade the back door."

Robert will then listen for sounds from behind the door if he hears none he will try the keys in the lock.