John Ringo's Black Tide Rising zombie series

Hopefully my readers wont faint seeing another post so close to my last one.

 I just finished listening to the first audio book called "Under A Graveyard Sky" by American author John Ringo, which is part one of four books in a series entitled "Black Tide Rising".

 The book was different from most zombie books I have read/listened to, mainly due to the fact that what ever it is that turns humans in to zombies doesn't spread as fast as portrayed in virtually every film or book so far.

 At least that is how it appears.

  It does infect people quickly, but maybe people were a bit better prepared for an outbreak and able to take certain steps before things really escalated out of hand.

 One reason I liked the book is that the main characters are Australian, which I found very interesting in a book by an American author. Normally we barely get a mention in any zombie apocalypse that goes down, let alone get to be characters in a book, even if those characters are living in the United States.

 I don't want to give too much away to any prospective readers, but based on the first book I highly recommend the book/series to anyone interested in zombies... and lets face it, if you are reading this blog, the chances are that you do have an interest in zombies.

Those interested in learning more about the series can visit the author's web site here: click me

15mm in '15... probably

Whilst planning other modern day conflicts on my non-zombie blog I have been looking at the 15mm zombies sold by Rebel Minis and Khurasan Miniatures.

 The more I look, the more I am tempted to get some.

Rebel Minis sell 22 zombies (with 11 poses) for $11.99US and would be a good way to get lots of zombies to kick it all off, and Khurasan sells 20 zombies (with 20 poses) for $15.99.

The Khurasan zombies are a bit more expensive for two less zombies, but they are very nice minis.

Khurasan also makes police and scientists, as well as survivors with improvised weapons, something that is a must if I am to set the game in Australia. Having tight gun laws Downunder means it is unlikely to have people running around with AK74s or M14s when the zombies apocalypse finally arrives.

Rebel Minis do make a lot of civilian types that would be useful for any game, as are the police figures.

Rebel Minis zombies

Khurasan's 20 zombies, 20 poses

Khurasan police - I can almost get away with these as VicPol thanks to the new uniform

Khurasan survivors with improvised weapons

Rebel Minis civilians

Rebel Minis police - I quite like these too

The reason behind using 15mm is to get maximum use of my Eureka 15mm modern Aussies - I should be able to use them for at least three different settings, if not four or five that I can think of without putting too much thought in to it.

 As I would have the game set in Australia I would need the civilians to not have firearms, thus the comments made in this post.

 But this is all in the planning stage, and I still intend to play some 28mm games a mentioned in my previous post.