PBB2 - characters and initial map/briefing

 The Map

o.k. Gentlemen, I have completed the map - it is in four sections, and I will be showing section one today. 

It is a large picture, so you will need to enlarge it to see it clearly.  If you have a slow internet connection let me know and I will do something to make it smaller than the 2 meg size that it is.

The characters will be set up (at my discretion) in the top left hand corner of the map.

You will see there are faint squares on the map - a character can occupy a single square at a time, and all movement rates will be in squares, not inches.

 I couldn't add a grid reference to the map using the program I created it with, so movement orders will either be "move right 2 squares and down 3 squares" or "I move towards the front door via the shortest route".

Not everything is shown on the map - more will be added (like rooms in the house) once characters are close enough to see what is around.

The Characters

Ok, now for the characters:

Misty, played by Brummie:

Karen, played by Vampifan:

Robert, played by Dan:

Von, Vonda or Vonnie (you choose), played by Clint:

Survivor with no name, played by  Zerloon:

And finally (at this stage) we have,

Blink, played by Lord Siwoc:

What I need is: a name for Zerloon's character, and stats for Blink from Lord Siwoc.

The Scenario

 This mission is the "First Night" scenario.

 The zombie plague has started and complete chaos reigns.  The survivors have gathered in a group and have decided they must occupy a building for the night. They must fortify the building and make sure there are no zombies in the house for the game to end successfully.

Other bits

Players are free to ask any questions before the game starts. They can also discuss the game amongst themselves and work out a plan of attack etc.

Once a player is happy with asking questions and organising a plan of attack, please mention this in the comments so I know every one is set.

Like the last game, players have a week between turns to submit orders before the next turn starts.  If orders come in sooner than one week, and I have the time, I will post the next turn sooner.

I dare say I will remember other things I have forgotten.

Play By Blog Game two - character creation

Ok - those that are on the list to play can download a character creation PDF that gives you point values for creating your survivor:

Character creation lite

The players are:

Brummie (has made his own character already)

Clint (has gone for the 'please create a character for me' option, so I will do so today (hopefully)

Mathyoo (can create his own character,but might be late to join the game, plus still not showing up as a blog follower)

 Could the following please download the PDF and create their characters:

Lord Siwoc

Once I have all of the characters I will post them on my blog for people to see who will be in the game.

Play By Blog Game Two - Green Light

OK, the PBB Game two has a green light to go.

The players are (assuming they still want to play):

The Extraodinarii
Lord Silwoc

I can add Mathyoo, but he needs to follow the blog before joining in, as the game is only open to followers of my blog.

To those that played last time - do you want to use the same characters, or design your own?

By coming up with new characters for this game you have the chance to provide me with a photo of your character, meaning you can choose your own mini instead of the silly bidding process I used last time.

If you want to use the same characters I will take the photos needed, but you can still go through the design process so you can tailor the character to the way you see fit.

Character Photos: I need a clear front on photo of your figure. Better photography than my own will allow the figure to be easily seen on the playing area.  Please use a light background so that the figure stands out when I make the playing piece.

The "I can't be bothered, just do all the work for me please" option: I can choose a figure, take a photo and design the character, BUT I might be malicious in doing so and give you a lame looking figure and a weak character. Such is the price of idleness (mwhahahahahahaha)

*                          *                        *

Once I have confirmed who is playing and photos etc have been worked out I will post a PDF for creating characters for those wanting to make their own.  Brummie - as you have the "No More Room In Hell Rules" you can start making a character right away. 

 All players will have "Shot Callers" for the game.

Mathyoo - Do you have your copy of the rules yet? If so, you can design your own character - once you are following the blog that is.

A call for Help:  Rather that steal images from the internet of nicely painted up zombies figures, I would be grateful if anyone has any clear front on images of single zombies that I could use for the game. This would help a lot.

This game will differ from the last one: The zombies will be nastier in this game, and once all orders have been given for a turn the characters and zombies will move in a random order - so the zombies might go first before a character this time. Thus initiative will be important.

Side note - once the game is up and running I am thinking of doing a 'dungeon bash' game over on my non zombie wargame blog using a similar method of play.

Play By Blog time again?

OK - I am in the mood for another play by blog game. This time is will be slightly different to the last one.

This time I an thinking of using a floor plan and use photos of minis on the map.

The reason for this is mainly that it won't occupy my playing area for months while the game is being played. Thus it will let me do other things with the hobby at the same time. It would allow for me to have my cake and eat it too as the saying goes.

I did this for a Strange Aeons game on LAF a while back, and it seems to work ok.

This would also allow players to send me a photo of their own mini to be used in the game.

Positions in the game go to those that played in the original game first, and if there are any slots open after that, I will take other players.

I will also come up with a player's guide to assist in the game - basic rule concepts, what you can and can't do etc.

The game would, hopefully, be more scenario based rather, so that there are clear objectives to be met in order to win the game.

And I wont hold back on the punches zombies make either. I would expect a few casualties this time...

One good thing about using floor plans is that I can keep things hidden, and thus create more of a surprise for the players - Mwhahahahahahahaahaha. Oh, wait, did I type that out loud. Bugger.

So, any interest in this style of Play By Blog?

Would potential players like to see a mock up of the floor plans and characters before deciding?


 I have made a small mock up to show what to expect with this:

 My camera is really dodgy at the moment - I can press buttons but non of the settings change, which really makes it hard to take decent photos. But the above should give you the idea of what I am intending.