Play By Blog Game Two - Green Light

OK, the PBB Game two has a green light to go.

The players are (assuming they still want to play):

The Extraodinarii
Lord Silwoc

I can add Mathyoo, but he needs to follow the blog before joining in, as the game is only open to followers of my blog.

To those that played last time - do you want to use the same characters, or design your own?

By coming up with new characters for this game you have the chance to provide me with a photo of your character, meaning you can choose your own mini instead of the silly bidding process I used last time.

If you want to use the same characters I will take the photos needed, but you can still go through the design process so you can tailor the character to the way you see fit.

Character Photos: I need a clear front on photo of your figure. Better photography than my own will allow the figure to be easily seen on the playing area.  Please use a light background so that the figure stands out when I make the playing piece.

The "I can't be bothered, just do all the work for me please" option: I can choose a figure, take a photo and design the character, BUT I might be malicious in doing so and give you a lame looking figure and a weak character. Such is the price of idleness (mwhahahahahahaha)

*                          *                        *

Once I have confirmed who is playing and photos etc have been worked out I will post a PDF for creating characters for those wanting to make their own.  Brummie - as you have the "No More Room In Hell Rules" you can start making a character right away. 

 All players will have "Shot Callers" for the game.

Mathyoo - Do you have your copy of the rules yet? If so, you can design your own character - once you are following the blog that is.

A call for Help:  Rather that steal images from the internet of nicely painted up zombies figures, I would be grateful if anyone has any clear front on images of single zombies that I could use for the game. This would help a lot.

This game will differ from the last one: The zombies will be nastier in this game, and once all orders have been given for a turn the characters and zombies will move in a random order - so the zombies might go first before a character this time. Thus initiative will be important.

Side note - once the game is up and running I am thinking of doing a 'dungeon bash' game over on my non zombie wargame blog using a similar method of play.


Lord Siwoc said...

Sounds great! I would like to keep BLINK. He was quite fun.

Mathyoo said...

Fixed that :P

I just ordered rules yesterday, so don't have them yet. If they combine order with the tools im waiting for a whole month to get, it will take long.

As said on forum, I'd ask like to make my own self, but could use one of your pictures.

Will get you the pictures of my 3 zeds for the game :)

Vampifan said...

I had such a lot of fun playing Karen last time, that I'd like to keep her. Besides, someone has to keep an eye on Blink! LoL!

Dan said...

I have to say I enjoyed Robert last time so I think I'll keep him as well.

Clint said...

If you have room for another I'd be happy to play and I want a really lame and weak character...
assuming there's room of course! No idea of the rules but not knowing the rules means I'll play the situation and not the dice.

Zerloon said...

Hi! I Confirm my partecipation, I wish to use my character here:

If phota is'nt good enough I can make others, let me know!!

Brummie said...

Count me In. How's about this fella from my blog

Your very welcome to use my pictures of my zeds in my latest post.

Shelldrake said...

Thanks for the zombie photos chaps!

Clint - I can include you in the game. You really want me to choose the figure etc for you? If that is the case, you can have #5 show here: (I was secretly sad that no one chose him last game).

Zerloon - I can use the photo, so that will represent your character.

Brummie - see comments on the zombie forum re your character.

Clint said...

Found him. Not having the rules I'll rely on you to sort stats out. He Looks quite muscly, but could be a real "gym bunny". Yeah I'm game. Looks a much better option than I would have provided. I was expecting a character with prosthetic leg, one eye, hunched back, diabetes, a speach impediment, personal hygine issues and heomphillia. Not that I'm giving you ideas!

The Extraordinarii said...

Hey shelldrake, I cant participate this time around but I will be keeping an eye on this blog.

Shelldrake said...

No worries Extraodinarii :-)

Cherno said...

Hi there, I'm not participating but I'm currently making some cardboard standees from Vampifan's zombie miniature photos. If you want, I could send you a few zombie front view picture files (without any background). I can convert to psd or any other format.

Send an eMail to chernoskill (at) gmx (dot) net if you're interested :)