Will 2015 see more zombie post?...

... I hope so.

 I was rather slack on the Zombie war game front in 2014, but I hope to get my act together a bit better for 2015.

 I still have a ton of zombies to paint up - I just need to make the time to do it, but with other projects on the go that might be a long process.

 I have the 28mm Weird World War 2 setting to get off the ground, and as I have been playing 'No End In Sight' I wrote up some zombie rules for that game, and will most likely use 'NEiS' for the WWW2 games.

 I am also very tempted to do 15mm zombie games too.  I can get a shed load of zombies rather cheaply in 15mm, and I already have an Australian Army platoon painted up for use in the game, so I can 'double dip' as it were with the figures. 

 I am still not 100% sold on doing 15mm zombies as I am thinking of maybe doing an alien invasion for the Aussies instead.

 Much thought and planning will be involved before I do though.