Will 2015 see more zombie post?...

... I hope so.

 I was rather slack on the Zombie war game front in 2014, but I hope to get my act together a bit better for 2015.

 I still have a ton of zombies to paint up - I just need to make the time to do it, but with other projects on the go that might be a long process.

 I have the 28mm Weird World War 2 setting to get off the ground, and as I have been playing 'No End In Sight' I wrote up some zombie rules for that game, and will most likely use 'NEiS' for the WWW2 games.

 I am also very tempted to do 15mm zombie games too.  I can get a shed load of zombies rather cheaply in 15mm, and I already have an Australian Army platoon painted up for use in the game, so I can 'double dip' as it were with the figures. 

 I am still not 100% sold on doing 15mm zombies as I am thinking of maybe doing an alien invasion for the Aussies instead.

 Much thought and planning will be involved before I do though.


The Extraordinarii said...

Really liked your Eureka Aussie's you painted up a while ago, did a good job on them and 15mm Zombie games - sounds good to me mate !

lrqan said...

Hmm, interesting conundrum Aliens vs zombies? How about an alien invasion with zombie 'battle slaves'. Stiff task for any military section. Good luck. Have a good 2015.

Clint said...

Whatever you decide I am sure will make A GREAT GAME. (Zombies or Aliens in 15mm)

I also hope you do some more zombie blog posts this year. I also intend to as well as a Zombie PBB game.

Bob Kinnear said...

It would be great to see more zombie posts dude.

Vampifan said...

Whatever you decide to do just have fun. And if you can find time to blog about it then do so. In answer to your question "will 2015 see more zombie posts?" I certainly hope so.