PBB Game 2 - Turn 10 results

First of all an apology for the time taken between turns. Not only has 'real life' managed to get in the way of having fun, but I have done a lot of work on the maps I use to make them a lot simpler to use for each turn.

 As it stood I had to open up and arrange things on 9 separate mini maps, then join them together into bigger maps to get the images I post in the blog.  On top of that, I would spend a lot of time getting frustrated when the program I used would play "silly buggers" and delete my maps so I would have to start again.

 This could take anything from 2 to 3 hours for each turn to be processed depending on how temperamental the program was going to be.

 To fix the problem I have copied the larger maps and found a way to save them so I can move the characters and zombies around them each time I open the image file.

 This took me between 3 and 4 hours of work, but I have finally finished the work I needed to do on them, so hopefully this means I can speed up the game a lot more.
 This 3 or 4 hours of work should mean 10 to 15 minutes per turn of work for me, so it is worth the time I have put in.

 Anyway, enough rambling... on to the parts you all want to get on with, assuming I still have players that is.

Turn Results:

Blink opens up on the two zombies near the red car, putting both of them down with multiple hits to each.

 As the path is now clear, Misty rushes to the car and is disappointed to see there is nothing of interest in the car.

Vonnie looks around near the door and sees a board for holding keys on the wall near the door. Locking the door behind the survivors she and Lorenzo begin to pile furniture around the door to make a stronger barricade.

Karen moves into the centre of the room and stands guard for those barricading the front door.

From the kitchen area of the house, Robert yells out, "We've gor a friendly upstairs I found hiding in the closet. His name is Grom. Could one of you bring something to help barricade the back door."

 Listening at the door, Robert can't hear anything. The keys he has doesn't fit the lock in the door, and the door appears to be a lot stronger than any of the other doors in the house.

Grom beats at the door in front of him, but thinks he needs some extra help from other survivors to really break it down.

Game Notes:

The dice rolls for Blink were the best I have ever rolled in a zombie game. All but two rounds were killing blows, so those two deadheads burst apart when hit. This was done with only two attacks, so I used the third action to take a shot at the zombie coming up behind him, but wouldn't you believe it, they all missed.

The front door is now barricaded. This will slow the zombies down for a little bit, but there is still the other door and the windows to go.

 Grom can spend extra actions smashing at the door - it will break down with a good dice roll (unlike the ones I made), and if anyone helps, it will go down faster.

Every character can make a barricade - no skill is needed, but I do make dice rolls to see how soon they are made.


Lord Siwoc said...


Blink will use 2 actions on getting that zombie out of the way and then back towards Misty!

"Jeepers! They seem to pop out from nowhere!!"

Mathyoo said...

"I knew I should start eating breakfast!" thought Grom for himself. As Grom has decided he should proceed with checking the rest of the first floor, he leaves locked doors for later and tries next closest. If those are locked too, he will go to the last door and used remaining action to try and break them down, if those are locked as well.

Brummie said...

Question on one map tile i'm next to the car. the next one down i'm not but two zombies are? Is that correct?

Shelldrake said...

@Brummie - bugger. Yes you are next to the red car, and those two zombies are not there. I guess the hours of work hurt my brain a bit :-P

Vampifan said...

Karen will move to help Robert in the kitchen.
First move - two squares diagonally down and to her right, then one square right.
Second move - three squares right.
Third move - one square right and two squares up.

Clint said...

Von moves up the stairs.

Action 1) Move, Digonally down and right 1 square, Diagonally up and right one square then right one square.

Action 2) Move Diagonally up and right 1 square, right one square and digonally right and up one square.

This should put me at the bottom of the stairs not having gone too close to the window.

Action 3)Wait an action covering the window.
If I have mucked up the movement get me close to the window incase anyone needs to get in quickly. SO I can assist next turn if need be.

Dan said...

Robert will search the room for any other keys to the door he is at and then barricade the window.

Zerloon said...

Passing an arm to his bald head to deterge sweat Lorenzo say: "I'm going to shut that windows"

So he goes Up-right one, right three then start using actions to barricade the window (maybe using the couch?).

May I ask you to make a sign on barricaded entrance?

Brummie said...

Cheers. Misty Advances towards the out building and checks to see if the door is open. (if its open I will open it/or attempt to unlock or break it off)

Shelldrake said...

The turn results will be posted first thing tomorrow my time.