PBB game 2 turn 11 results

Blink turns and first at the 'good old boy' zombie coming up behind him. Maybe it is because he is startled that he needs to fire burst after burst into the zombie before it goes down.

Grom heads to the next door in the corridor to find it locked. The third door is also lock, and he attempts to break it down, but it doesn't budge.

Robert can't find the keys to this re-enforced door, so he begins to barricade the window in the kitchen.

Karen moves into the kitchen and helps Robert barricade the window.

Von crosses the room to the base of the stairs and stands prepared to defend herself or others if needed.

Lorenzo moves to the window near where Von is standing guard and quickly barricades it.

Misty, completely zombie free for the moment moves to the shed in the back yard. The handle on the door is a bit stiff, but she is able to open it with minimal effort. Inside the shed are a lot of tools and equipment such as hammer, nails, boards, and any number of gardening tools that would make useful anti zombie weapons.

The zombies at the fence near Blink really make a mess of the fence, and he is sure they will break through very soon.

Game Notes: 

 The attack rolls for Blink went really badly, and I used his third action to fire at the zombie again, thus why he didn't move.

 Grom - I rolled badly for his attempts to open the door. Trust me when I say you can break this door down by yourself, provided I roll above a 5.

 I took a slight liberty with Karen's movement and placed her in a position that placed her close to Robert when they barricaded the window.

The maps now have yellow text next to the doors and windows to show which ones have been barricaded and or locked.

 Theoretically the game can end in about two turns if every one gets in side the house and the last couple of windows/doors are barricaded.


Brummie said...

Misty readys her smg and opens the door on the outbuilding.

Shelldrake said...

Ooops - I assumed this was done last turn, thus the explanation of what was in the shed.

Please consider this action already done and submit extra orders.

Clint said...

Vonnie goes up the stairs. Three steps to the right.

She walks along the corridor to the window, Three steps down the map.As she passes the window she ponders how the others will get in the building. Maybe she can find some sheets and fashion a rope and haul them to the second floor. Maybe.

She calls out "Friendly approaching!" and goes 3 steps along the corridor towards the survivor. This should put her by a door ready for nest turn.

Grom if you want to go downstairs and past me let me know and I'll amend my actions unless we can pass in the hall somehow.

Brummie said...

Sorry missed that bit.

Misty gather the boards, nails and tools and carries them into the house to help make the barricades.

Clint said...

Just noticed the third map down has not been amended for this turn. BUT as no players are present on that map no biggie.

All the Best Clint.... sorry to be a pain!

Shelldrake said...

gggggrrrrrr - I thought I had them all fixed!

Lord Siwoc said...

"Damn deadheads!"

Blink will move twice down along the side of the house. That should put him right beside that walkway to the shed.

Resting, aiming in order to make those shots count!

Zerloon said...

Lorenzo will go for barricading the room south.

Grumbling "Hey I can use some back'up..." he goes down-left two square, then down four square.

At this point I should be in front of the first window, and start barricading it.

If when I open the door to the room I find that Zed are already In I close the door, call for help and start barricading it.

Mathyoo said...

"ARGH!" Grom unleashes an animalistic scream of anger and despair. "I've lost too much time up here already" he thought for himself..."better make use of it".

Grom will use his actions to break the door he is currently standing at. Until they break. Once they do, he will go check the room, obviously shooting anything alive, yet dead.

Vampifan said...

Karen is going to move into the bedroom in the bottom left corner of the map to help out Lorenzo.
She'll move diagonally down and left one square, down one square, left four squares. Use any remaining moves to best assist Lorenzo.

Dan said...

Robert will unlock and open the door for Misty and let her in. Then he will stick his head out and yell at Blink to get inside so they can barricade the door. If he has enough time he will open the closet next to the door to see whats in it.