PBB Game 2 turn 8 results

 The zombies shuffle forward towards what ever their rotten brains tell them to do.

 The zombie closest to Misty moves to the fence and starts to shake the flimsy wooden structure. It doesn't look like it will take too much to brake the fence at all.

Misty moves and puts a burst into the zombie at the fence, but the damage in minimal.

Blink moves up next to Misty and fires at the zombies coming towards them from the back yard. he kills the closest one easily enough, but doesn't take down the second closest one.

Robert opens up the door to the bath room, and to his relief he only sees a few bags of canned food in bags on the floor.

 Going to the next door he notices a set of car keys on the table.

 Grom leaves Robert to deal with what ever he comes across and heads up the stairs by himself to the first floor.

Karen, Vonda and Lorenzo move towards the front door of the house - the little girl zombie is scratching on the door and hasn't noticed them... yet.

 But the trio are now sandwiched between two zombies as another one appears opposite the front door, but this shouldn't be of too much concern to them.

Game Notes:

 Zombies won the initiative for this turn, and it looks like a nice little hoard is starting to form to the South East.

 Things will start to get very interesting soon, as I dare say there will be some gun shots about to happen, as it is not nice at all if a hoard gets to the survivors. It is easy to take a single zombie down, but quite the opposite when a hoard is involved.

 The results for the next turn will be delayed due to other commitments. If I am able to I will post the results early next week, otherwise it will have to be in two weekends time.


Mathyoo said...

Don't worry about the delay, I am sure everyone can wait! ;)

Grom will spend his actions entering the 1st floor. If there is anything to shoot at, he will shoot, otherwise, he will go check the closest room, if actions permit.

Brummie said...

No worries Shelldrake.

Concerned at the flimsiness off the fence Misty fires a few bursts from her smg hoping to take out the zombie before the barrier breaks.

Misty opens fire at the zombie at the fence (keep firing until its dead) If it get killed in the first or second burst Misty will advance towards the corner of the building advancing in a south east direction

Lord Siwoc said...

Blink fires towards the closets zed at the brown trees.

Then pops a tictac (If he puts the zed down!)

Vampifan said...

Karen moves one square up and two squares to the right, which should bring her adjacent to the zombie at the font door. She'll fire one of her BA Pistols repeatedly at that zombie until she kills it. If she has any movement left she'll move three squares to the right to bring her inside the house.

Sundance said...

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Clint said...

Von will hesitate for one action. (This should allow Karen and Lorenzo to get through the gateway... after all we can't all get through there at once.)

Action2. Move diagonaly up and right 1 square and right 2 squares.

Third Action. If Zombie still alive attack it.
If Zombie dead. Try to get inside the house.

Hopefully the 1 action hesitation will be enough for the others to dispatch the zed. If not I'll trust you to interperet my actions accordingly. All the Best Clint.

Post script: No worries about delays. Just making sure I don't miss a turn.

Dan said...

Robert will use his moves to go to the table and grab the keys, then move to the back door making sure it is securely shut. Finally he will move to the closet in the corner, open it and be ready if a zombie is inside.

Zerloon said...

Woah, don't worry for the delay, for me this is a blessing, or I had missed this turn!

I see Karen hopefully dispatch the little zed, then, as Von don't enter I enter in the house and start searching for something to use to barricade the door, obviously after Von is in.

Frankly I don't know how this translate in actions, so please decide you as you think best fit.