Play test 1.0

Ok, i gave my rule ideas a bit of a play test, and promptly revised them - not once but twice.

I have changed the whole d10 to hit idea and stuck to d6's only.

Now each figure rolls X number of d6 equal to his stat.

Shooting: figures need a to roll a "6" to hit targets at long range, "5" at medium range and "4" at short range. The number of d6 they roll is equal to the Ranged Combat stat.

Wounds: for every successful hit roll on the wound table. Thus if you hit 3 times when shot at, you roll 3 times to determine wounds.

Tactics - if the situation allows it when fighting zombies, use fire and movement. As the zombies get close move away to give your self to shoot.

All previous rules have been amended to this new system.

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