Basic Training - an After Action Review

All new recruits to the Reaper Teams must go through a "live fire" exercise against a small group of Zombies to ensure they wont freeze in the heat of battle when out on field operations.

Each recruit is placed in a situation against a small group of zombies captured for this purpose. The recruit is always accompanied by a junior non commissioned officer or a senior team member.

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The situation: the new recruit (the standing figure) is accompanied by one of the senior team members (kneeling figure).
A small group of four zombies is released into the training area.

In the first turn both Reapers fire off shots at the zombies. The recruit misses his target, but the seasoned veteran brings down one with an accurate shot to the head.

The remaining zombies keep shambling forward, and all shots taken at them are accurate, but not accurate enough to kill any. All hits only slow the zombies temporarily.

As the zombies get closer the accuracy of the shooting improves. The recruit hits his target, but only slows it down. The veteran brings down another zombie in a display of zombie hunting knowledge gained out in the field.

As the zombies close in on the Reaper team, the veteran moves from his position behind the rock so as not to let the zombie get too close to him.

In the subsequent turn the recruit shows a few nerves and misses with his shot. The veteran takes careful aim and brings down the third zombie.

The recruit takes another shot at the remaining zombie and misses... again. Even though the veteran hits, his shot only slows the zombie for that turn.

Sensing it is almost upon it's prey the last zombie can taste the brains it is going to feats upon.

Both Reapers hit when they shoot, but all they do is slow the hungry monster down.

Fearing he will have to rely on his hand to hand training the recruit gets ready to tactically withdraw out of range of the zombie.
The veteran takes careful aim and nails the zombie right in the head, putting an end to its existence.
The recruit has passed his final training and is much relieved.

Final notes - as i only have four zombies in my collection (20 more are in the mail as i type) i could only play a small battle.

With a lot more zombies, i am sure the outcome of the battle may have been a lot different.

I am also adding to my scenery and hope to start on my city/town lay out as well fairly soon.


stealth_841 said...

I love your zombie blog. Keep up the good zombie work.

Anonymous said...

what system did you use?

Agent Brown said...

Try Zombiesmith for more zombies. Great figures.

Shelldrake said...

Thanks for the comment guys.

Hopefully i will have a bigger battle next time with more zombies and Reapers.

The rules i play are of my own writing - you can find them in the archives section of the blog. It is a work in progress, so check back fro time to time for updates.

Zombiesmith figures are on my list to get :-)