PBB 2 - turn 6 results

The zombies shamble forward relentlessly and three more zombies join the potential battle.

Blink takes aim and manages to kill the closest zombie to him, all other shots either missing or hitting the zombies harmlessly.

Misty has better luck and takes out the two remaining zombies closing in on their position.

Robert tentatively enters the next room, his heart pounding in his chest, feeling like it will explode through his rib cage.

 Slowly he enters the room and notices a bed, a pot plant and a desk with a lap top computer on it.

 Breathing a sigh of relief he opens the closet to see what is inside - and gets a fright when he sees another survivor hiding in the closet, wide eyed and weapon ready.

 Nerves pound as neither of them shoot and they struggle not to hyper ventilate.

Lorenzo climbs on to the car and swings his blade at the zombie. With one clean sweep his take the head clean off the zombie clawing at him.

 [I adjusted your move to match the movement of the zombie, otherwise your actions would have been wasted, and if we were playing in person you could change your orders if needed. Thus I put you on a different part of the car to attack the zombie. I hope this is acceptable.]

Karen smashes the window of the car with one of her pistols. Peering in she sees a lot of useful things stashed there.

 Within easy reach for her is a rocket launcher with two missiles, and two clips of ammo that match her pistols.

[This particular encounter allows two rolls for every character poking through the stash. Given how spread out you are, I will allow as many rolls as their are characters should you stay there to look the car]

Vonda looks around pensively trying to keep an eye on Lorenzo, Karen and the zombies in all directions at once.

Game notes:

 The zombies won the initiative - again. For slow shufflers they move first a lot. Lucky they are not faster nastier ones, or there would be a lot more melee.

 With that in mind, do players want the option of changing their orders if the zombies have the initiative for the turn or are they happy with me adjusting the orders like I did for Zerloon?


Clint said...

Just want to say how much I look forward to this play by blog. Would you mind if I considered running one? Possibly not Zombies, although you never know.)

Shelldrake said...

Fill your boots as the saying goes :-)

I don't own the rights to playing this type of game, so if you want to have a go, please do.

I am happy to answer any questions you have to help you get up and running.

Clint said...

Thanks mate. I'll have a think and won't start anything until though out propperly.

Charles Salley said...

Really enjoying this...

Mathyoo said...

After letting out an initial girlish scream, Grom relaxes and says hello to Robert. He uses one action to explain that this is not his house, but he was hiding here from the local gang members that search the neighbrhood for supplies and fresh recruits. Second action is used to show off the shiny assault rifle he carries and trying to convince Robert that he can stay with him, as a valuable member. Third action, if this can be done, is used for welcoming Rob's decision to let him tag along or for shooting, if we turn out to be hostiles.

Vampifan said...

Karen grabs the two ammo clips and says with a broad smile, "Oooh, shiny!" She pockets the spare ammo in her long coat. Then she'll pop the door lock by reaching through the broken window and open the door to get a better look at what's inside.
"Hey, guys," she says, "Anyone want a rocket launcher? If not, I'm grabbing it."

@Shelldrake. I don't mind you adjusting my orders if the zeds win initiative. I thought you handled the situation with Zerloon very fairly. Karen's default option if attacked by zombies is to shoot them with one or if possible, both pistols.

Brummie said...

no problems here with adjusting orders.

Misty advances east (1 x move) then fire on both the zeds approaching from that direction (2x shooting)

Lord Siwoc said...

Blink checks to see if there is anything he can use in the car. Then east 2 squares and 1 down. SHOOT THE ZOMBIE!

Dan said...

As his heart finally begins to stop racing Robert lowers his weapon.

"Thanks for not shooting me, Im Robert.

After speaking with Grom, Robert says "I wouldn't mind letting you come with me but ultimately its up to the group. There are a number of us outside. If and when they ever decide to come in an help fortify this place we can all decide then. However, if you would help me make sure the rest of the building is clear of zombies that would go a long way to helping the group welcome you in."

If there are enough moves left Robert will lead Grom into the main room (up 1 square and to the right two squares), then open the door and be ready to fire at zombies.

OOC: I am ok with you modifying me moves if the zombie wins initiative especially in such tight quarters.

Clint said...

Action 1. Vonda moves one square right. "Common-folks-we-need-to-move. Grab what you can and move to the house.!"

Action 2. Engage Zed in melee.

ACtion 3. If Von Beats the zed. Move 3 squares up. If melee incomclusive, a second round of melee.

OOC. Amend any or all actions to suit initiative. I feel sure if you want to kill us off you'll get plenty of chances without me needing to worry about the rules niceties! SO DO whatcha gotta do!

Zerloon said...

Absolutely ok with adjustment :D

Pls keep doing so when chance arise :D

For my move:

"A rocket launcher? Really?" Lorenzo said in disbelieve...

But there's no time to spare, as more zeds approaching.

"Hey gang.. what about going inside the house? go north, there is only a couple of them..."

Said so Lorenzo jump from the car toward the zombie at nord (Move: diagonal Up-left, Up) and then try to behead the rotten one.

If my first attack goes well then I go overwatch waiting for Karen and Vonda.
If not... well I'll try again to behad him! :D

Please feel free to adjust my move if Zombie act first.