PBB - Mission Brief

The survivors approached the small rural town from the west. Parking the pick up truck across the road the group escaped from the cramped confines of the truck to spread out across the road.

 The group had been sent on a "supply run" mission by the head of the survivor pack they had been living with. They had a compound some miles back with a lot going for it, but supplies were starting to get low.

 The primary goal for the mission was to survive. If they could all manage that, then the group was to search for and collect as much food, ammunition or medical supplies as they could.
 Anything that could be used would also be welcome, but only after the essentials were found.

 Anyone bitten was not to return to the compound.

 With this in mind, the survivors quickly formulated a plan of action for the mission...

Primary Mission: to survive.
Main Mission: to collect as much essentials as possible (food, ammunition and medical supplies).
Secondary Mission: find anything that will be useful for the survivor compound you are currently living at.

The table has been set up as follows:

There are currently four (4) zombie spawn points that you know of.  Two are not shown in this photo, but will be shown later in this briefing.

The Survivors all start in the same location as shown in the photo.

The Farm to the immediate front right of the survivors

The house to the top left of the road the survivors are on

The burnt out house to the immediate front left of the survivors

Note the two spawn points

The house to the upper right of the road the survivors are on

A crashed truck

Note the two spawn points to on the left

A look a the board from the other side

This concludes the mission brief. If anyone has any questions now is the time to ask them.

 Players have one week from today to ask questions and give their orders for game turn 1.

 Players may also discuss the mission with each other before giving their first orders - they can discuss who has what tasks, what they think would be a good plan of action or any other thing they wish to go through before the mission starts.

Once survivors move apart they will not be able to talk to each other unless they are within a short range of each other. Of course they could yell if they want to talk to each other.... (mwhahahahahaha)

Oh, and as you can tell, there are no zombies on the table right now... a 'handful' will be placed as soon as I post this blog. But don't worry too much... they wont be in range of you just yet ;-)

Notes for players: if you haven't already read the following posts please do so:

Your surivors

Introduction (how to play)


Lord Siwoc said...

Blink will try to reach the dumpster by sneaking up to it keeping his head down. There is bound to be some stuff in there he can use for something. He will not be checking it before he knows that the others have moved up as well. Hoping somebody will cower his ass!

The Extraordinarii said...

Jack will run towards the front door of the farm, but will not enter in yet, SMG 'at the ready', knife holstered.

Vampifan said...

Karen will cautiously walk to the front corner of the farmhouse, using what cover there is. With a pistol in each hand she will keep a look out for any signs of danger. She will hopefully provide back up for Jack.

Dan said...

Seeing the small farm and chicken pen Robert knows they should help yeild some food, especially if they chickens can be taken back alive. So Robert decides to follow Jack to the farm using the cover of the trees to get around to the front of the house. Pistol is drawn and ready.

Brummie said...

Leila will follow Jack to the farm ready to cover him, pistol at the ready.

shintokamikaze said...

Niki will head towards the chickens,and search for eggs, and take the chickens of course

Dan said...

After we get the chickens we should probably store them in the cab of the truck so they don't get away and make to much noise. Im not sure how well we can fight while holding chickens :)

Shelldrake said...

ahhhh - I was wondering when logic and planning would kick in after most people rushed off without taking the time to discuss or plan :-P

Lord Siwoc said...

Hehe brilliant, everybody went for the farm, Blink went the other way. Not to worry, I will cower you when the hordes break out of the farm house!!

shintokamikaze said...

i think thats veg growing near the chickens, we should take that to. And their seems to be two people in the burnt house, some one should check that out

Ulu Elsomalien said...

Lucky trusts only in teamwork, so with his "long range" weapon, he'll provide support to the farm exploring group from between the "3 trees stand" and the "bush" at the right of the road, to cover the right flank from any threats.

Dan said...

What are everyone's thoughts about Robert trying to destroy the zombie spawn point to the right of the farm.

If I can destroy it we may have an easier way back to the truck but if I don't it could attract zombies right away.

Vampifan said...

I'd be happy to help Robert destroy the zombie spawn spot

shintokamikaze said...

i think it would be good if we all stick together, safty in numbers, or split in two groups, it would be good if we had a clear leader to call the shots, shelldrake should put some one forward for this, cos we can post all week and not get any where

Shelldrake said...

Based on the suggestion and the frequency in which you post comments, I am happy for shintokamikaze to take the role of group leader.

This, and the fact his survivor only has a melee weapon makes Niki a bit better for a command role.

Dan said...

A leader would be a good thing, shintokamikaze would be fine with me.

Sundance said...

Cool set-up and ideas! Love the chickens. I have a bunch of livestock for my ancients games - I'll have to pull them out for my zed games too!

Vampifan said...

I have no objections to Shintokamikaze being leader. It makes sense to have one person take charge of the group.

Brummie said...

Fine with me Go Team Shinto!

shintokamikaze said...

Thanks Shelldrake and guys for the vote of confidence.
What i think we should do is split in two groups, the first group will head towards the farm house useing the cover of the trees.
-lets call the first group Alpha, heres the list-

SGT WOMBY-his swat device will come in handy to check out the farm house.
SANDY HORNE-her grenade might be handy to clear the farm house.
ROBERT JACKSON-chickens and veg could be stuffed in his backpack.

the second group lets call it Bravo-
Should head towards the burnt out house via the dumpster for cover,they can check out the survivers their
Niki winter-her rope might come in handy if the surviver on the top floor is traped.
LEILA ROSE-med kit might be handy if a surviver is hurt.

MR X can guard our car
i hope this pleases

Shelldrake said...

Sandy is a He :-P

Shelldrake said...

Assuming players like this plan, does anyone want to submit new orders?

Vampifan said...

Karen will move as fast as she can to the side of the house facing our team, and adopt a covering fire position at the left corner, in case anyone sneaks up from behind the house or if the occupants turn hostile and try to escape from the back of the house. She will have both pistols drawn.

Shelldrake said...

if that the farm house or the burnt out house? (both houses are in front of the team at the moment)

Lord Siwoc said...

Blink (alpha team) moves to the farmhouse so he can see the burnt house, checking his pockets for the tic tiacs as he get there...

Vampifan said...

Sorry, Shelldrake, I meant the burnt out house.

shintokamikaze said...

i think he meens he will cover us from the corner of the farm house,faceing the burnt house, good move,makes a lot of sence

Brummie said...

Sounds like a plan go go go go.... but quietly :o)