PBB - the Survivors

Here is an image of the survivors for the game (sorry about the dodgy photo):

Left to right they are:

Leila Rose
 Leila has an automatic pistol and carries a med kit. 
Leila' special skill is "Medic" (gives bonus to first aid tests).
(Played by Brummie)

Jack Burton
Jack has an SMG and a knife. His SMG has a laser sight and carries extra reloads for the weapon. The ammo for his SMG is hollow point. Not street legal, but, hey, who is going to arrest him right?
Jack's special skill is "Mr. Personality" (gives bonus when searching locations)
 (Played by the Extaordinarii)

Sgt Wonby "Lucky" Wivmee 
"Lucky" is a SWAT officer, or was until 'zombie happened' to the world. As he was on the job when the outbreak happened he is still equipped to take the fight to the zombie hoard.
 In addition to his Assault rile, pistol and body armour, "Lucky" carries a SWAT device used to look around corners and under doors. 
Lucky's special skill is "Nerves of steel" (gives bonus when making morale checks)
(Played by Ulu Elsomalien)

 Blink is a well prepared adolescent that was over joyed when the zombie outbreak occurred. Armed with a silenced SMG and knuckle dusters Blink pops orange tic taks and carries a screwdriver with assorted heads - perfect for any job. 
Blink's special skill is "Handyman" (gives a bonus when constructing barricades) 
(Played by Lord Siwoc)

Niki Winter
 Niki is the youngest survivor in the group... either that or she is into Cosplay in a big way.
Armed only with a katana and a cold hard need to take down as many zombies as she can get her hands Niki also carries a grappling hook fastened to the end of a light weight yet very sturdy rope. 
Niki's special skill is "Blade Master" (gives a bonus to melee)
(Played by Shintokamikaze)

Robert Jackson
 Robert is a mild mannered quite type armed with an automatic pistol. His 'pre-apocalypse' profession is a closely guarded secret, but some thing he was a librarian due to the patches on the elbows of his jacket.
 Robert came prepared for this mission with a hiking backpack for carring extra supplies.
Robert's special ability is "I think we can slow them down" (able to destroy zombie spawn points)
 (Played by Dan)

 Sandy Horne
 Sandy is the eldest member of this group of survivors. This retiree carries a Thompson SMG and has a grenade. he carries his trusty zippo lighter with him where ever he goes. Everyone is jealous of his shirt too.
Sandy's special ability is "Sterner Stuff" (is hard to kill and with the right die roll could ignore wounds that kill him)
 (Played by Irqan)

Mr X?
 Not much is known about this man except that he carries an automatic pistol and is very well dressed. Mr X is coming along on this mission to act as security for the group's vehicle.
Mr X's special skill is "Ninja Stealth" (can moe 6" without attracting attention and possibly avoid zombie lunges)
 (To be played by Cmnash at a later date if possible. Until then he is controlled by the referee). 

 Karen Fox
 Karen is the last member of the group. She carries twin .45 SOCOM automatic pistols and has a bowie knife hidden away inside her long protective coat. 
Karen's special skill is "Guns Akimbo" (can use two weapons at once with no penalties)
(Played by Vampifan)


Dan said...

A couple of questions.

How does my character destroy a spawn point, does he just move on top of it or does it require time and make noise?

Secondly do you mind if I put my character profile on my blog with a picture of him. I would love to tell my readers about this game and keep them updated of my progress. Of course I will make sure everything is attributed to you and your blog.

shintokamikaze said...

nice, blde master, i like it

Lord Siwoc said...

I think I might be able to get a photograph of me taken while looking pretty much as my character does....

Shelldrake said...

To destroy a spawn point you have to be in base to base contact with one and pass two checks that I will roll for (50% needed on two dice).

By all means put anything you like in relation to this game - you can borrow the images and I can even take some better photos of your survivor if it helps.

Shelldrake said...

Re the spawn points - the noise level depends on what you do to 'attack' it.

A stick of dynamite will make more noise than an axe for example.