PBB - Turn 7 moves

Niki climbs to the top floor of the burnt out house with the assistance of the survivor there. Once up, she takes a position near a window frame where a commanding view can be gained.

Blink fires a burst towards the approaching zombies and takes two of them down with aimed shots.

From the house comes the loud roar of heavy calibre pistols as Karen fires at more of the zombies. "Crap!" she curses as she misses with all of her shots.

 Leila moves towards Blink, keeping the dumpster between herself and what ever is approaching on the other side.

The Bot Scout nods to Sandy, who moves down the road towards the big rig.

Lucky and Robert head towards the rear of the ice cream van in order to prevent zombies coming up on them from that direction.

Jack moves to the front of the pick up, takes a knee and aims his SMG at the zombies.

The zombies continue forward in a brainless shuffle, hungry only for brains.

I rolled some good dice for Blink, but every roll for Karen was a bad one... fortunately I passed the checks for ammunition and she doesn't need to reload.

Lucky and Robert will need at least one more turn to reach the spawn point, and another turn to attempt to destroy it.

I deemed the zombies on the far side would move towards the sound of gun fire rather than towards Sandy, and another four zombies appeared from the same area. That was lucky, as a potential 15 zombies could have appeared for this turn.


Brummie said...

Leila pokes her head round the dustbin and takes aim at the nearest Zed

lrqan said...

Sandi moves to the Big Rig and opens up at the advncing zombies.

The Extraordinarii said...

Jack opens up on the approaching zombies "ARrrrgggghh !" no holds barred.

Vampifan said...

Karen will aim this turn. Can she aim with both pistols because of her special ability? If not she will aim with one pistol only to increase her chances of hitting. If the zombies are too close and look like reaching her this turn she'll open fire with both pistols, firing twice each and hope she gets lucky that way.

Ulu Elsomalien said...

Lucky, confident that Robert would cover his back, run for the zed spawn point.

Shelldrake said...

Re aiming with two pistols - having the guns akimbo skill will allow two pistols to be aimed.

shintokamikaze said...

niki will climb back down, and help the the people traped to do the same, after a quick look around out the second floor windows

Lord Siwoc said...

"The BOT scout? ARGH HE IS A CYBORG!" Hehe sorry mate...

Blink will keep his aim on the zeds. Shooting away in order to buy them more time to get the survivors out.

Bracing against the dumpster.

Question: I have silencer on my weapon, is it because they have seen me that they seem to be heading my way?

Shelldrake said...

Nah, they were heading your way due to the natural alignment of the buildings and the tasty looking human on the back of the pick up truck.

The others (on the road) are heading that way because of the four loud bangs.

Dan said...

Robert will follow Lucky to the spawn point in preperation to destroy it.