PBB - turn 6 moves

Leila dashes from the house and moves towards Karen to offer any assistance needed. Jack also bolts from the house and heads towards the pick up truck so he can drop off the chainsaw.

Blink moves to the side of the dumpster and steadies his SMG and takes aim at the approaching zombies.

Karen tells the hapless survivors in the house to remain calm and be quiet and then melts into the shadows of the building herself.

Niki uses her rope and climbs with ease to the first level of the burnt out house. The kid on the first floor stares with open mouth with the sword she carries.

Mr X. sees Jack with the chainsaw and jumps down and takes it from him and puts it in the back of the truck for safety.

You can just make out Karen and Niki in the house.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the farm Lucky and Robert move to provide support to Sandy, who shouts his thanks over his shoulder.
"Hey, Kid!" says Sandy, "Can you get down".

The Boy Scout whimpers and cries "Don't make me climb down, I'm full of chocolate"

"Hey, Kid!"

 "Braaaaaains" moan the zombies and they get closer to the survivors.

Blink steadies himself and takes aim

another view of the zombies.. note the rear door.

Over near the bill board and truck four move zombies make their way in to the area

The last photo gives a better idea of the range to the zombies from Blink. They wont make it there next turn, but are getting very close.  Blink wasn't actually given the order to fire his SMG, but he will get a bonus for next turn if he fires due to aiming.

 Remember that you can ask questions about what you see before giving orders such as ranges,which I would give as an 'estimation' such as 'close', 'short' or 'long' for example.


shintokamikaze said...

niki tells the kid to be quiet and wait ,and searches the first floor, and climbs to the second floor if possible

lrqan said...

Sandi puts a finger to his lips at the kid and moves past the ice cream van towards the rear corner of the crashed lorry, ready to engage the zeds coming down the pike.

Lord Siwoc said...

I wanted the brace and aim bonus just to be sure. And seeing how they shamble I seem to have some time.

And now...


(I have no idea about the rate of fire, if Blink can then I will try to shoot the first 3 zeds)

Blink is not able to see there is a backdoor from the position he is in, so he concentrates on the shooting gallery of zeds.

Vampifan said...

Karen moves to the back door of the burned house and warns the others that zombies are on the way. She fires both pistols once at the approaching horde, making use of her special ability to fire two pistols without penalty. Just out of interest, how many times per turn can she fire her pistols?

Shelldrake said...

Pistol = ROF 2 (so two pistols = ROF 4)
Assault rifle = ROF 3

Brummie said...

Leila seeing Blink taking aim at something moves cautiously to see if he needs backup

shintokamikaze said...

Things are starting to heat up,i wish i could take some pot shots at the zeds.

Ulu Elsomalien said...

Lucky asks Robert to follow him to clse the spawn point behind the ice cream van. If he doesn't want to follow him, he'll get next to the ice cream van and climb on top of it.(facing the boy scout and the zed spawnpoint)

Dan said...

Taking the cue from Lucky, Robert quickly moves to behind the ice cream van to the spawn point weapon at the ready. Once he reaches the spawn point if it is safe to do so he begings to try and destroy the spawn point.

The Extraordinarii said...

Jack moves to the front of the truck gets down on one knee and takes aim at the horde.... "come on you Ba*&%$@s! "