PBB - introduction

Ok, after much anticipation the game is ready to start.

 Players will no know their stats, but I am will be using "No More Room In Hell" as the rules. Two survivors will be Shot Callers, while the rest will be Back Ups. I will not be letting anyone know who has what. This was randomly determined.

 As no one asked for a companion as part of their special equipment etc. there are no sheeple under player control.

The way the game works: as I post each turn the players are to post their orders for the turn in the comments section when I make a blog post. All movement will be simultaneous so there is nothing to be gained being the first or last player to post an order for the turn. The zombies will move last in a turn.

 The sooner all orders are in the sooner the next turn can begin, although I hope for a turn around of no later than one week, and if the game is still being played in November there will be a slight delay due to me going on holiday.

Order types:

 Players can give one order per turn: Move, Move and combat, Combat and move, Combat  or Special action (which can include some movement if needed).

 Move: sneak, walk or run.  Sneak is quiet and least likely to get you noticed by zombies, but has a low movement rate. Run is a lot faster, but could alert zombies to your presence.

Combat: either shooting or melee. Moving and combat incurs a slight penalty and movement is reduced.

Every shot fired has the potential to attract more zombies, so please state if you are firing single shots, or bursts (you can issue orders such as "I fire a single shot at the closest zombie and if that doesn't kill it, then I will put the full ROF into the sucker")

Notes on shooting: you can run out of ammo in this game.  Unless you state you are firing a single shot, I will assume you are firing to the full ROF allowed for your weapon of choice

Special action: anything that is not covered above such as using a special item, searching a room, barricading a door or window.

Giving Orders: I will execute your orders to the best of my ability, based on how precise you are.

 If you say "Mr Wiggles runs down the road" I will move that figure straight down the guts of the road for all the world to see, maybe even into the welcoming arms of a zombie.

 If you state "Mr Wiggles will walk cautiously down the left hand side of the road taking care to keep any object on the road between himself and any zombies" I will do my best to ensure he is not the next meal.

Please do not issue an order that has conditions that carry over to future turns, as I am most likely to forget those orders. (Exampe: Mr Wiggles will always move around a building in such a way that his back is to the wall at all times).

 As each turn progresses I will post photos of the move. Players may ask questions about what they see before giving their orders for the turn, and if needed I can post extra photos to help in anyway.

 EVERYTHING on the table can be interacted with in some way provided the survivors have the right tools (if tools are needed that is). I just wont tell you what you can do with items.

Unless I have a dyslexic moment when reading your orders (which may occur seeing as I am slightly dyslexic) once I have played out your orders no discussion as to the way I interpreted your orders will be taken.

All Dice rolls will be made by myself, and at no time will anyone know what I rolled.

Turn around time for game turns
 As mentioned I hope each turn will take no longer than a week. If you find you can not give an order during that time please let me know so I can give an appropriate order on your behalf. Player's not submitting orders may find their survivor left in the open facing a zombie hoard, but I might also move the figure to a safe place until a player can submit orders again.

Winning the Game:
 Players win the game by meeting the scenario objectives (this will come out in the mission briefing).  There will be a team Victory and an Individual victory.

 The team will get a Victory Point for meeting scenario objectives. They will loose a VP for each survivor killed.
 Individuals will gain VPs for interacting with the items on the table in such a way that they either learn something about the zombie world, do the 'right thing' or are able to entertain me with dialog or how clever they are.

 I am not playing this game to kill of survivors for some weird perverse enjoyment. Instead I am hoping for an entertaining game for all involved as a way of bringing zombie wargamers from around the world to one game table as it were.

I am sure I forgot something in this introduction to the PBB, in which case I will edit the post when I remember what it was at the back of my mind nagging me at the moment.

 Please feel free to ask questions on how the game works and what you can and can't do before the game starts.

Edit: I remembered what it was! Random events will be apart of this game mwhahahahahahaha


The Extraordinarii said...

Shelldrake, what sort of zombies can we expect to encounter? fast or slow shamblers?

also, will we get a lsit of what we have(items)and personal traits ? (is this needed?)

Shelldrake said...

The only zombies will be slow shambling types, but they can lunge at you if you are close to them and try moving.

I will be posting character profiles (just starting to work on that now) that lists items and skills, but not stats.

Adam said...

Very interesting. I look forward to following this.

Dan said...

Sounds like you have given this alot of thought. That makes me all the more excited about playing this game.

"Instead I am hoping for an entertaining game for all involved as a way of bringing zombie wargamers from around the world to one game table as it were."

I really like this stated goal and was wondering if people wouldn't mind sharing where they are gaming from.
Im coming from the state of New Jersey in the US.

shintokamikaze said...

im dyslexic to so dont worry mate.
@Dan- im from Dublin in the Irish republic

Shelldrake said...

@ shinto - I am dyslexic AND left handed, which makes for a great combination :-(

Brummie said...

Brummie ha ha from Birmingham UK