PPB - Turn 11 moves

OK - The delay for this one is my bad - I thought I needed another set of orders submitted, but I was wrong.

 So, without any further ado:

Sandi jumps the fence and covers the distance to the closest door, and quickly tests the handle to discover it is unlocked.

  (With all the actions taken there wasn't enough movement left to enter the house).

Leila and Niki follow Sandi into the yard of the house, weapons at the ready.

Jack covers a lot of distance and jumps the wall to the second yard. The zombies he sights are just out of range of his SMG.

Karen bolts towards the chickens, with Blink close behind.

(Not enough movement in the turn to be able to get there to pick up the chickens as per the orders).

Robert hoists himself up on to the ice cream truck and drags the boy scout down. A bit of a whiff in the air suggests that the kid was in fact full of chocolate.

(The act of getting the kid off the truck reduced your orders down a lot - I gave you a small movement at the end, but not enough that you could fire your shots).

Lucky fires a burst at the closest zombies - two are struck, but with one shot being low, only one zombie is taken out.

"Braaaaaiiiiiiins" moan the zombies and they shamble ever closer to a free feed.

The shots from the Ice Cream truck area divert the path of the zombies - with no other loud noises to react to they move towards the sounds.

 More zombies appear, this time to the area closest to the chickens:

Note: If every one can get their moves in before 0900 AEST on Wednesday I can post another set of results. If not, the results will have to wait until the end of the month when I get back from Japan.


Brummie said...

Leila Follows Sandi into the house to search for items

Vampifan said...

Karen moves into the chicken pen. Doing her best to ignore the hens, she draws and fires both pistols twice at the zombies closing in on her.
"Hey, Blink!" she says, "Back-up required here!"

shintokamikaze said...

niki will follow leila and sandi in to the house. Enjoy japan, your a lucky guy i would love to get out their for a month

Lord Siwoc said...

Blink stops to steady his aim and will try to get the zeds to the left of him and Karen.

"Damn deadheads!"

Firing and firing and firing....

Ulu Elsomalien said...

Lucky will run to the pickup, following the road. He tells Robert to hurry and not waste ammo if he's not sure to make a kill.

Dan said...

Taking Lucky's advice Robert drags the boysouct along at a dead sprint twoards the pickup.

OOC - I don't know if anyone has been watching The Walking Dead show but the thought breifly crossed my mind to do what Shane did to the big guy a couple episodes ago, to the boyscout. :)

Shelldrake said...

@Shinto - A month would be great and I wish I was going for that long. Part of this trip is to meet the future extended family so I am a bit nervous.

@Dan - that, Sir, is evil! LOL

Lord Siwoc said...

On a side note....Would somebody mind turning the car around ?

I foresee we are soon to get the hell out of zombietown here!

Shelldrake said...

Mr X. can turn the car around.

The Extraordinarii said...

Jack sprints to the opposing rock fence, and sprays the closest zombie horde with burst fire.

lrqan said...

"OK gang here we go," Sandi enters the house, "You guys check down here, I'll go upstairs." Sandi enters the building and bolts straight up the stairs.