PBB - turn 12 moves

Sandi opens the door, but before he can rush up the stairs, or Leila and Niki can enter the house to search, their path is blocked by six zombies.

 (I will give you the chance to react to this - you can either attack them, or move away from the house to put some distance between them and the survivors.  I rolled a lot of high dice here :-\   )

Slightly less dodgy house plan

Getting into the chicken pen, Karen fires off her shots, but her accuracy is greatly reduced because of the fast movement she made to get into the pen. Despite this, one zombie drops, it's head exploding under the impact of the bullet.
 Blink stops where he is to take aim, but is out of range of any zombies.

 Lucky, Robert and the boy scout bolt down the road, putting some distance between them and the zombies.

Jack moves forward and sprays the zombies nearest him. The SMG rises as he fires his burst and although he hits three zombies, only one drops.

Mr X. does a three point turn and changes the direction of the pick up.

Note - this turn is incomplete as I need reactions for Sandi, Leila and Niki who were interrupted by the appearance of six zombies. Once I have those reactions I need to then move the zombies and roll for spawning zombies.
 Again if the orders can get in by early Wednesday AEST I can complete the turn before leaving for my trip.


Lord Siwoc said...

Crap...I was too far away.... Well Blink enjoys the show and pops a tictac. Keeping Karen covered.

Brummie said...

I'm up for taking some shots? what do you guys think?

shintokamikaze said...

i think we should go for it, but i will cut 'n' run if sandi and Leila want to, i would enjoy slicing up a zed or two with my blade, as i have not had a kill yet

Vampifan said...

Karen will remain staionary in the chicken pen and fire again at the zombies - two shots from both pistols. Not moving should improve her chances of hitting.

lrqan said...

OOPs! Lets get this on. I'm opening up on them zeds

Brummie said...

indeed lets blow em away

Leila takes steady aim and goes for the head

shintokamikaze said...

niki will try and enter the other door on the left