PBB - turn 13

Niki shakes the fog from her head as she stands up and makes her way to the pick up.

Lucky and Robert just make it to the pick up truck and hurls the chubby boy scout into the back. They stand next to the truck observing the zombies.

[as the movement and the action of putting the kid in the back used up all of their actions for this turn.]

Taking aim at the zombies nearing Jack at the farm house Karen drops the leading the pack.

[I went for the zombies that Karen had the clearest shot to].

Jack turns and bolts for the pick up. Clearing the stone wall he pulls up at the front of the truck.

Seeing Niki has recovered Leila follows Sandi into the house. Leila searches the first room and only finds the remains of the dead zombies. Sandi heads upstairs, clearing the corridor to make sure there are not hostiles lurking there. He notices there are three doors he could enter to find a good firing point... it just depends on what direction he wants the firing point to face.

Blink pops another tic tac and moves a bit forward, blissfully happy that no zombies are in range at the moment.

Mr X herds the survivors in the pick up truck into better positions so as to allow more people to get into the pick up.

The zombies react to the only gun shots fired this turn and those closest move towards the chicken coop. The zombies near the billboard continue down the road towards the pick up.

 Six more zombies appear near the ice cream truck.

 More than one survivor is beginning to feel nervous with the zombies closing in with a pincer shamble.


Lord Siwoc said...

(Someone around the car PLEASE shout to Blink what is happening behind his back?)

Blink is beginning to suspect this is going a bit too easy, so is making ready to fire the second something happens.

Karen seem to be handling herself well enough but....

"Karen! Pull out! Back to the others!"

lrqan said...

Sandi heads to the front of the building to provide an overwatch for the gang at the pickup

Brummie said...

Seeing Niki is ok. Leila follows Sandi upstairs to help him clear the rest of the house

Shelldrake said...

If I am reading it correctly, Leila and Sandi will cross paths given their orders.

The Extraordinarii said...

Jack sprays the zombies on the left hand side then gets in the pick up and says "Lets get The F&*%! out of here!"

Vampifan said...

"I'll be with you shortly, Blink!" Karen says.

"By the way, how do you like your chicken? Headless?"

Without waiting for a reply, she shoots both hens in the head to make it easier for her to carry them. She doesn't want to be struggling with flapping hens when she makes her escape!

Dan said...

Turning to Lucky, Robert says "We have got to get out of here."

Then moving down the roads toward Blink adn Karen he keeps an eye on the zombies closing in ready to engage any that get to close.

Ulu Elsomalien said...

"Yeah Rob', gonna be a "dead-end" soon here." (pun intended)

Lucky jumps into the pick and knock two times on the cab (to say "let's go" to the driver) then aim to the nearest zed (at the back of the pickup) [if he can act further he'll shoot, if not, just aim to gain bonus on the next turn]

Lord Siwoc said...

"Guess you don`t want to make scramled eggs tomorrow? Hehe..."

"Sounds like the others are getting over to us...."

shintokamikaze said...

im off to espania in a few hours, i dont know if i will be near a pc, so niki will stay in the truck, and defend it till the end. Thanks Leila for your help:-)

Shelldrake said...

Enjoy your trip Shinto; orders received and understood.

Should the game still be running upon your return please participate again.