PBB Turn 12 Part 2

Again my apologies for the delay

 Goman Nasai!

Niki moves to the second door and opens it, and recoils in horror.

 Inside the first room of the second apartment are numerous severed zombie heads suspended from the roof. If this wasn't enough, the heads are still animated - their teeth nashing at the potential of a bite to eat.

 Niki faints.

Leila fires two shots into the zombies in the room, killing one of them.

Sandi opens up on the remaining zombies, the heavy slugs of the Thompson SMG tearing large holes into the mass and three of the zombies drop.

The last two zombies in the room bear down on the two survivors in the room. One claws at Sandi but misses. Sandi wastes no time in clubbing the zombie's head in with the butt of this trusty SMG.

 Leila tussles with the remaining zombie who finally manages to bite down on something. Unfortunately for the zombie it is the barrel of Leila's pistol. Pulling the trigger, Leila vaporises the unfortunate creature's head, clearing the room of all hostile occupants.

The zombies around the area close in even further on their human meal tickets and are joined by another ten zombies - four near the ice cream van, and six near the drainage pipe.

I had some bad dice rolls for Niki, with the charts indicating she fainted due to the shock of what is in the room (which is a random encounter, not my own idea).  As such Niki must rally before completing orders for the next turn, but give the orders and I will act on them if the rally test is passed.

Leila and Sandy are now in the house and the first ground floor room as shown on the map on the previous PPB Turn 12 post.


shintokamikaze said...

WTF she faints,she fights zeds with a sword, but cant stand some blood and heads??

shintokamikaze said...

lol,someone get me to the truck please

Ulu Elsomalien said...

Lucky will put the boyscout in the pick up then jump in too and covering Robert (firing on the nearest zombie if possible).

Vampifan said...

Karen will stay put in the chicken pen. If she can see any zombies ahe will open fire on them - two shots from each pistol.

The Extraordinarii said...

Jack turns and sprints for the white pick up, yelling "we need to run over some of these Zed heads!"

LOL @ Shinto....too funny

Dan said...

Robert helps lucky get the boy scout in the truck and then tries to cover the others as they make their way to the truck.

Brummie said...

Ha you git. My stomach dropped when you mentioned bit down. though I was gonna be the first casualty.

Leila tries to revive Niki (not sure if this helps?)

Brummie said...

or searchs room?

lrqan said...

Sandi makes his way upstairs, "I'll check out the first floor and check out a decent firing point."

Lord Siwoc said...

Blink is keeping his eye on the zombies aproaching Karen and moves a bit forward ready to fire when in range.

"Hey Karen, if you and the other chicks are inieshed with the girl talk, we may think about getting the hell out of here!"

@Shinto, some fears are just random! LOL!

@Ulu, I take it Lucky is mumbling and grumling the entire time? Hehe

Vampifan said...

Karen responds to Blink in a loud voice, "I'm all for getting outta here..."
Then much quiter and in a sarcastic tone"... and I know just where you can stuff these clucking chickens!"

Shelldrake said...

@ Shinto - well, she walks around with a sword... I don't know about fighting them :-P

@Brummie - The melee was interesting: the zombies won the initiative and one did in fact bite Leila, but the bite was ineffective, so I kind of wrote it in to the story that it bit the pistol, especially after the next roll killed the zombie.

Lord Siwoc said...

@Bryan; I got my coffee almost splurted out on my computer LOL. I can just imagine them both talking there

Vampifan said...

@Johnny. Friendly banter between the characters - you've got to love it!

Ulu Elsomalien said...

@ Lord Siwoc : "I hate
scouts... they're all sissy enjoying being lost in the woods playing commando"