PBB Turn 15

Blink moves forward, the taste of fresh tic tak in his mouth, and opens up on the zombies closing in on Karen. Two zombies are hit, with one of them redecorating the zombies behind it with it's brains.

Clutching the dead chicken to her, Karen moves away from the zombies firing a pistol as she goes. Two zombies go down after some accurate firing destroys their heads.

[I tend to lean towards only humans are eaten by zombies, but went with a dice roll, and it seems the thrashing of the remaining chicken is worth the zombies having a look]

Jack puts the truck into gear and gains speed as he plows into the small hoard coming on to the road. He squashes three of them and Niki cuts a fourth in half with her sword as they do the drive by. Even though this forth one has lost its legs it seems to still be 'alive'.

[the rules for using vehicles in "No More Room In Hell" really really suck - a fist with brass knuckles stands a better chance of killing a zombie that a vehicle at speed does! So I threw their idea out of the window and modified it to suit. After all, I didn't want the hard work of all of those crash test dummies to be in vain.]

Lucky fires at the zombies that present the best target, but the moving pick up truck hinders his aim.

Leila makes it outside and moves in on the truck. She gets a sinking feeling in her stomach as she sees Jack start up the truck and accelerate into a small hoard of zombies down the road, leaving Leila stranded in the middle of the road. There really was some shotting going on after all.


Sandi moves to the wall and opens up with his Thompson SMG and puts two of the horrors down.

Dan follows the pick up down the road, but halts as he realizes that to move any closer would put himself within range of the zombies claws. Bringing up his pistol he soon makes short work out of one of the zombies.

Have they been left behind?

Some of the zombies slow to investigate the headless chicken while others just move towards the sound of gun fire.


 The zombies near Sandi move up to his position but Sandi is protected from their attacks by the wall.

Seven more zombies appear at different places.


Brummie said...

Shouts to SAndo 'Time to go' Leila takes aims at the remaing zombies in front in order to try and thin there numbers and get towards the rapidly disappearing truck

lrqan said...

"Aye,aye matey boy," returns Sandi. Pops off acouple of more rounds and backs away across the front garden.

Vampifan said...

"Blink, let's get the cluck out of here!" Karen says to Blink as she walks back to the road. She fires two more shots at the zombies by the chicken pen. "Where in clucking hell are all these deadheads coming from?" she asks, not expecting an answer.

Lord Siwoc said...

"I am down to my last two so yes lets get going!" (Blink is referring to tic tacs and not ammo)

As he turns to the road to see where he is going he notices the zombie parts.

"Huh? What the cluck did we miss?"

Blink will move towards the road and shoot at zombies in range.

shintokamikaze said...

lol, thats a lot of zeds, think niki will stay in the truck

Ulu Elsomalien said...

Lucky will aim and shot only one zed, trying to not harm anyone else behind (Leila is in his line of fire).

The Extraordinarii said...

Dont know about every one else but I think we should pick everyone up in the ute, and get the hell out of here..... comments please

Shelldrake said...

Based on the lack of replies to the Extraordinarii's comment I will assume that this will turn in to a fighting withdrawal.

If no one has any issues with it, I might play out the remaining turns with the pick up holding position while the others work their way towards the pick up.

Dan said...

Sorry I missed this post due to Christmas.

Robert will move towards the pickup along with the other killing the zombies that threaten him.